Friday, December 31, 2010

Short Email December 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
It was amazing to talk to my family, to those of you who don't know yet I will be getting a new companion today,only after being here for two weeks. So I'm a little nervous, but it will all be good. He's a mini- missionary from here in Cali and will be with me for four weeks.  President Reeves said it would be tough but he has faith in me. sometimes I think he has more faith in me than I do. Well there isn't much else to say as I just talked to my family two days ago.  I'll leave with all my love and many thoughts and prayers for all.

Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS Sent a few pics!

Menifee Lakes Email December, 20, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, it's been one of the craziest weeks of my mission life. I guess I'll start at the top. Last Saturday morning I recieved the phone call stating I was going to leave Redlands, although I had not yet figured where I was going. I was excited, yet scared at the same time. I had actually thought for a few moments that I would spend my entire time in Redlands. Well that didn't happen!!! I am now serving in the Menifee Lakes Ward. The building looks almost exactly like the one at home. Although I live in Sun City. I don't know if Vanessa's family lives in my ward, seeing as I don't know their last names. 
 My companion is Elder Bates, I'm his second Companion,  he left the MTC at the same time I did.   I will call you on Christmas; I don't know what time yet so just be prepared. I love you and I'll talk to you on Christmas!

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goodbye Redlands, Hello Menifee! Email - December 14, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
I'm sorry it took so long to email, but I thought I would drop a quick note and tell you I've been transferred to Menifee Lakes. I don't have my address, but will tell you more next Monday.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Father, the son and the sons friend! An Email - Dec. 6, 2010

Dear Family,
You may be wondering. Is that snow?? Well it is. As a zone we decided to go up to the mountains and have a snowball fight, (don't worry mom we stayed dry). We actually have two Elders who have never seen snow before and they were amazed. To me it was just snow.
So this week I thought I'd leave you with a different message, not a story of my own, but one I found I thought you might like.
It begins:
" After the usual ward business the Bishop slowly stood up and walked to the pulpit and briefly introduced a guest who was in the congregation that day.  In the introduction the Bishop told the congregation the old man was an old childhood friend and he was to share a great story with them. The old man arose and took his place at the pulpit. He cleared his throat and began. "Once there was a man, his son, and his son's friend. They decided to go for a boat ride one clear day in the Atlantic.  After only a few hours the weather immediatly changed and the storm washed in.  The father who was an experienced boater knew there was nothing he could do. Soon the waves overtook the boat and it was capsized.  The Father swam his hardest back to the capsized boat and finding a rope began to ponder what to do. The Father realized he could not throw the rope to both young men, he had to make a crucial decision. The Father knew his son had a knowledge of the Gospel and one day would step into an eternal family. The friend did not. So the Father cried out with a loud voice, "I love you son", and threw the rope to the sons' friend. The son was never found. Our Father in heaven has done the same for us; He gave His Only Beggotten Son to throw us the rope.  Will you take it? " 
With that, the man walked off the pulpit and returned to his seat. After the meeting two young boys approached the man and said that was an excellent story, but  I don't think that it's very realistic.  The old man smiled gently and replied; " It might not be,  but you see I was the father and your Bishop was my sons friend."
I thought I'd leave you this so we can remember the gift Heavenly Father has given each of us this holiday season The Atonement.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Monday, November 29, 2010

Grateful! E-mail - Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
I hope you all had a good holiday season. I had a wonderful time,although the homesickness was a little harder, but I got through it fine. I'm glad to hear Spencer's talk went well, wish him luck for me. By the way, mom, just send it to the apartment if you don't it could get mixed up with stuff. I also do not know if I'll be here for Christmas.  It looks like one of us (either Elder Fly or myself) will not be staying since we have been together for two transfers.  We still have two weeks till transfer calls, so whatever happens I'll let you know. Well, Thanksgiving wasn't something special. It was basically a day off  where we got to stuff ourselves and eat with families and tell what we were grateful for.
Starting this e-mail I had no idea what to say,but I feel I know what to write now.  While at the Evans house(an active family in the Ward) we each told three things we were grateful for.   It was kinda weird because I have always done that back home, but it was different. We were in a room full of people we barely knew listening to some of the most personal things ever. As I waited for my turn (I was last)  it surprised me that I didn't think I could share these things with them. I slowly watched each person stand and talk about the things they were most thankful for. Obviously, the top ones being the Atonement, Family and The Gospel. How could I tell these complete strangers how the Atonement has affected my life?  How it has truly changed me? How could I express the feelings of my family who I hadn't seen in four months and four days, a family who has given everything so that I could come to California and spread His glorious message? How could I ever and I mean EVER tell them how the Gospel has blessed me, and explain how I've watched people go from smoking, drinking, drug using to a caterpillar, to a beautiful and respecting and fun butterfly.
This is how I shared my feelings on gratitude:
"My three things I'm definitely grateful  for, is first and foremost the Atonement. I feel as if we truly forget how much it means.  Imagine if you will, every single time you have ever been hurt, emotionally or physically. Now imagine your family, all your friends, neighbors, there are six billion people on this earth at one moment at one time. Christ felt all that pain, that is what the Atonement is for me. I cannot truly tell you how grateful I am for my family.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland states it the best in his last conference ( I'll let you look it up).  Finally,  just look at any convert and the change the Gospel has done in their lives.   That is how grateful I am.  One cannot put a price on Gratitude.  Gratitude is a gift of Love." 
"The Institutions of the world Challenge us to know something, the Gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become something."    Dallin H. Oaks
Elder Zachary David Daniel

RAIN E-Mail November 22, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
We have entered into the holiday season and how grateful am I. Well, for those of you who are wondering, yes, I will be fed this Thanksgiving and we have three dinners planned. So pray I don't get too fat. I am sorry to hear that it's going to be freezing in South Dakota, but if it makes you feel better;  it was in the sixties yesterday and the mountains are starting to get snow. It's weird how the weather here in California works. During the Summer when its in the 90's to 110's your praying for the rain and what do you get nothing, but when it's in the 60's to 70's and your praying for some heat (because you get adjusted to the weather) it rains!! 
Out of all the days in the mission I think this day was the hardest. So, let me tell you what happened. Well, lets start how it always starts at 6:30 are alarms starts blasting off. Yes, I said alarms we need multiple ones or we won't get up. So, I roll out of bed and groggily say my morning prayers then start working out for 30 minutes. During my 30 minutes of exercises I found myself where I normally do laying on the ground moaning for lack of sleep (I would be complaining, but I'm just to tired to even do that!!) then I heard what can be best described as millions of rats scraping the roof. I seriously couldn't figure out what it was so I turned over to my companion who was in the same position as I and I asked what was the sound. Then I was shocked that his reply, which I might add was full of laughter, that it was RAIN!!   So I looked at Elder Fly and asked if we were still going out and he said yes; then I asked if we were going on our bikes, and he said yes, then I wanted to chuck my planner at his head, but thought that might not be the smartest idea and our companionship unity would take a crippling blow. Well, everything worked out well. No one died or received a bruised head from a planner.You wouldn't believe how bad it was. I was so soaked, that not even our rain gear protected us.  It wasn't just raining and cold, the wind was also blowing. Well, with that I think I will close this e-mail. I am so thankful for all the prayers of safety and comfort; they really do work. I do love you all and miss you very much.  I hope all is well and I will actually talk to you soon. Only about a month until Christmas!!
Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S. John One, Elder Daniel Zero, but I am pretty sure I have this one in the bag.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

JULIE Email - November 15, 2010

Dear Family and friends,
Another great week in California!! I now have to be a better writer since I have a wonderful step-father that wants me to get to college. I also attached some photos of families we are teaching and our baptism we just had.
Well to answer some questions, when we call on Christmas we do it at a members home, and we only get an hour, but President is giving me two one for you, mom and one for dad. I haven't decided if I'm going to call him. since I have received no email or any other correspondence from him.
Next, I did get a pair of new shoes they were not that expensive just something for church. I'm still using my others for work. We had our Primary Program it was alright. The weather here is unlike anything I ever remember, its mild throughout the days, mid 80's (never thought that would be a MILD day) then at night it drops to the 50's, which is freezing on bike. Speaking of bikes I have some bad news. My bike is, at the moment, not working. We went and bought parts for it last week because something was not 100% (the pedals) so after putting it back together we stripped the pedal and I need a whole new part which won't be fixed till tomorrow, but I am fine and it should only cost 20 bucks, thanks for the cash John.
Now to tell you a little bit about my week. I did have a baptism on Sunday, but like Elder Fly likes to say "something has to wrong."   Julie (one who was baptized) had been living with a Less-Active Member named Aaron who at the time was getting the lessons by us. Well, Aaron was abusing Julie and taking drugs and Julie had been excepting it all the time, but with the realization of the trueness of the Gospel, Julie started to change. She stopped drinking, smoking, and even cursing. She realized who she was, a daughter of our Heavenly Father. She even called the police on Aaron (no one saw that coming) the day Aaron was arrested we were there ( a wrong time wrong place thing or maybe Heavenly Father wanted us there thing) it took 4 cops to put him in the car the whole time he was yelling about how he was going to cut her throat and ours. Luckily he wasn't to smart saying this because now it was a death threat and he won't be out of prison until I'm safely home in Kentucky. Although, when Aaron was being carried off Julie looked at us and asked, what day worked best for us to "Dunk her in the big Bath tub" that day was Sunday. We had to really advocate and talk to a lot of people to get her baptized, even our own Ward Mission Leader. Although, I won't say anything bad about him.
Sadly, I don't know what else to write I'm doing great here in California. Elder Fly and I are changing the way we do missionary work so it will be another stressful week, but I think I'll save that for next week. Hope all is good back in Kentucky, it is here.
With All My Love,
Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S.  Find something wrong with this one. I dare you, John!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

D&C 121:7-8 E-mail Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
Let me start out this E-mail with giving thanks to some people. To my mother, what a great inspiration you are to me, knowing how much you fought (even me) to have me stay on the straight and narrow path. I don't know how much I can thank you. To Meaghan, thanks for being a wonderful sister and always being there, even if I didn't want you there.  I see now how important you are in my life (btw, the letters in the mail).  To John, I cannot say how grateful I am that you gave me the gospel and took the time to care for me the way you would a real son; even though I'm only your step-son.  To all the friends, teachers, ward members, home teaching families, seminary comrades, and even the people I didn't really get a chance to meet thank you.  I wish to leave you with a scripture that I hold dear to my heart, 1 Timothy 4:12 "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."
Well,  know I bet you are all wondering what story Elder Daniel is going to leave us  with today.  I wonder if  it's about the spirit blessing someone?  Well, it is!  If you haven't read my last email then you don't know, but lately I've been doing more therapy work than teaching.  I wish to leave you with one of these sessions ( it may be a little gruesome).  We have been seeing a lady by the name of Mary Loy. She has been through alot in the past couple of weeks. Her husband works in Washington, because the economy is so bad.   She is loosing her house and she has 3 daughters and 1 son. The son (possibly the only success story out of the bunch) lives in Boston. We have been seeing this family about 4 weeks. We went over on Tuesday of last week, upon arriving, the middle daughter was being taken away in an ambulance after overdosing on meds. We pulled up on our bikes watching Mary shaking her daughter, crying, begging that she not die. We returned later that night to find Mary, a women strong in her beliefs, and one that was once uncrushable, destroyed  that her daughter had barley survived.  Later her daughter told her mother that she wished she wouldn't have lived. As missionaries, what do we do, what can we say, neither Elder Fly or I have ever been through this.  We never watched anyone try to kill themselves, especially someone we would be willing to lay our lives down for, as Mary would have for any of her 4 children. You may ask what did you do? Simply, we did all we could do, we testified. We told Mary, "No we have not ever endured a trial like this, but someone had. A Saviour, one who took all of our sins on Him. One who felt every single pain and burden we do. She could not DENY this fact, as no one can. I wish I could tell you the story ends well, but sadly not all do. The next time we went to see Mary, her daughter had returned home and was doing better. While we were leaving a spiritual thought, Mary caught her daughter steeling more drugs.  Mary broke down crying and told us she could no longer handle all the stress.  We have not seen her since.
I started off my email thanking everyone because after the last few weeks I truly see how the gospel has blessed my life. Not having its strong foundation will eventually lead to a crumbling mess. 
I love and miss you all! 
 I will leave this email with one final scripture. D&C 121:7-8 "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; and then, it thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.  


Elder Zachary Daniel

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO??? Email - Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
I  have had a pretty hectic week. I feel like more of a counselor than a missionary.  I had one less active member I was working with go to jail and an investigators daughter over-dose on vicodin. It's been a hard week, but nevertheless good.
I was thinking the other day, "Why is the mission said to be the best two years of your life?" it was something I simply didn't understand.  Well, I shouldn't say that I do understand, but I know others do not, and I'll tell you the very simples reasons why I believe this, there are three.
What more could you ask for?  You see people who's lives are in shambles, they hate themselves and wonder why they're here and what they're doing. Watching them realize that they have a loving Heavenly Father and gaining a testimony of him is incredible. I couldn't even explain how it feels.
I know what your saying: Elder Daniel, your crazy how does this help at all. It's as simple as this. LIVING THE COMMANDMENTS MAKES YOU A BETTER PERSON!!!! There's no excuses about it, no science to disprove it.  It is unmistakable and undying. Yes, you can always be better, but why should you not try your best, if you don't, you don't deserve the happiness. Elder Ringwood said it the best "by saying you don't want to do better; your saying there is no sin. If you believe that, what will be your place in Heaven" when he told us that it really struck me. Was I being the best I could?  Well, frankly no, and each day I strive to do better.
HOW AMAZING DOES THAT SOUND?!?! and it's totally true no matter how big or small. There is no denying that. If I tried to put all the miracles that happened, I would have a 10 page email, and trust me you don't want that!
All this is great, but what even makes this greater, is you have it in your own lives.  I wish I would've realized that a lot earlier.  My life would've seemed a lot easier. You may be saying I never have seen one convert to the gospel, WELL YOU CAN!!!  Become a MEMBER MISSIONARY, now, today, after reading this email. The Lord needs us all no matter how great or small (Alma 37: 6-7) its true and simple so what will you do???
Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS  I've enclosed some pics, and I wasn't transferred last week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

3 MONTHS OLD! Email - October 25, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
Yes mom, as you put in your last email I'm three months old; I'm still a baby in mission life, but soon I'll be a kid.  As I sit here and write I wonder where the time has gone. The Lord does speed up time that's for sure.
Well, it's the last week of the transfer, and that means Elder Potter is going home.   We will get a new zone leader and I might be moving ( I hope not I love Redlands, but where ever the Lord wants me I'll go).
I know you just sent a package but there is something I need. You know that argyle sweater you bought me a little while ago, could you please send that here, but make sure you send it to the  mission office in case I get moved.
You asked about Trunk or Treating,  yes our ward is doing it, but we can't go unless we have an investigator go, so we're trying to find someone. Guess what were gonna dress up as???   Yes, Missionaries!!!
I like Johns idea so expect a letter to give to someone soon, also what's up Megs, how is college life?  Good? Haven't heard from you in awhile and was just wondering. 
Well, I guess I'll leave you with another missionary moment. We have this Investigator named Tomika,  she is one of the coolest people ever and we had an incredible lesson on Thursday. Elder Fly and I had the idea of putting her on date for baptism.  We went into the lesson with that in mind. We walked in and began to see how her week was going and we figured out that the finnancial troubles she was having are just getting worse (like everyone in Cali) she was more depressed than we had ever seen before.  Elder Fly told me not to  bring up baptism. While we were teaching the lesson the Spirit was directing me to ask and I was like, "no" do you see the state this woman is in. Immediately I could feel the Spirit telling me do it, so this is what I did. I looked at Tomika and said with all the force I could muster "Tomika we all have trials; Elder Fly and I face them constantly, we have these to test us and make us better people! Do you know how we make it through these trials?" She looked at me sadly and shook her head. " Tomika we make it through these with the love of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. The only way to truly get this love is to be baptized by one holding the priesthood authority, and we are the only ones who hold that authority, Will you be baptized?" At this time I looked around and Elder Fly was fist pumping under the table Sister Padgett (we had the lesson in her home) was crying and Liz her 11 year old daughter, her jaw dropped, but as I looked at Tomika that's when I felt the most amazed, she wasn't fist pumping or had her jaw dropped, or even crying, she was curious. I knew at that time she felt the Spirit, probably for the first time in her life. I asked  what she felt and she said better than any time she could remember,  and she accepted our invitation to baptism.
If there has been anything that  I've learned here in Redlands, California its to listen to the Spirit,   it will direct you and guide you in everything you do. If I leave Redlands I'll be sad, but I know that the work I did here was good. I love and miss you all, but I'll  be home before you know it.  I might be 3 months old but it still feels like only a few weeks.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Week In Redlands - Email - Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
This week flew by in my book. Well nothing much has happened. I didn't get to tell you I had an excellent talk last week.  Sister Reeves wouldn't stop talking about it. I like how you complained about no shows at work mom;  I get them every day, for some reason people love telling us they're home and then when we get there no one is home. Well that's missionary work for you.
I have been asked to give a missionary training tomorrow and I'm a little nervous.  I'm training a bunch of missionaries who have been out longer than me, so its a frightening task.  I hope I do well. I  love telling you stories of the mission and I have thought of one hopefully, you haven't heard yet.
One morning while we were on exchanges,  Elder Zimmerman and I decided to go tracting.  The night before I wrote down that we were going to tract Palm Street, but that morning I had the distinct impression to look at the map and choose somewhere else.  I opened the map and looked at Morrison Street and thought to myself we just tracted that street! I kept looking, but the Spirit kept leading me to Morrison Street so I decided to follow it.  Elder Zimmerman and I hopped onto our bikes and rode for Morrison Street and all of  a sudden it started raining.  I looked up to see what street we were on, "Where were we?"  You guessed it Palm Street, if this wasn't a trial I don't know what you would count as one. We were already on Palm Street how easy would it have been to just stop and tract and stay a little dry, but the spirit had told me Morrison Street, what to do? Elder Zimmerman looked at me with his perfect face and asked "what we gonna do partner?" I sadly replied continue to Morrison  Street, and seeing I was down,  Zimmerman jumped on his bike and rode in front of me singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" and commanded me to also sing.  We sang riding our bikes in the rain. If anyone saw and heard us they would've definitely thought we were in a cult. When we finally got to Morrison Street we started our tracting routine. This was our first time together so it was a little sketchy. After we got the bikes locked up and we headed to the first house singing all the way there. The Spirit was definitely still with us. We knocked on the door and immediately a large black man with tattoos all over his arms told us to come in. Immediately he started asking questions and we answered them. Finally the man told us his story. His name was Shawn and he did two tours in Afghanistan. He is still emotionally scared about it and went to his Catholic Priest about it. He told him he was a sinner and was going to hell. Shawn had known he had done wrong things, but not enough to go to hell. He started crying at this point and said "Brothers am I going to Hell?" Zimmerman looked at him and said no. Then we continued to talk and he told us how the Jehovah Witnesses had been visiting with him and had suddenly stopped. Then he told us this was his turning point in life. The night before we met with him he was totally discouraged and needed the truth. He prayed to find out which church was true and if he could have a sign. He told us that immediately a great and calming feeling came over him (the Holy Ghost, this is important) then said he hadn't left his couch until he would receive an answer. Immediately following this statement Elder Zimmerman invited him to baptism. He declined saying that how could he know we were the true church. We sat there shocked, the Spirit had been litterly working overtime trying to get us into his home and he still didn't know!!!  I looked at Shawn and said with all I could muster " Shawn, the Holy Spirit has been working hard to tell you something that we are messengers of God, that we are to bring you into His fold. The feeling you feel right now, I promise you, if you think back, it will be the same feeling that you had last night. Shawn that's the Holy Ghost and He needs you to accept our invitation and be baptized. The room fell silent and to my amazement I knew Shawn was feeling the effects of the Holy Ghost, we all were, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Shawn looked at me and calmly said "I need to be baptized" Shawn's date has been set he is preparing to be baptized and someday soon he will be.  
I know that the Spirit Guides me in my life I have felt it so strongly that denying that FACT would not be just a lie, but a sin. We all must be worthy to have his companionship or we will never be able to do this marvellous work. We are all missionaries.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ANOTHER HOLIDAY! Tuesday - October 12, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was yet another great week in Cali., although the temperature has decided to jump back up to the 90s.   Bike riding isn't the most fun at that temperature. Yes, John, I have named my bike, he is Eddie and since I will most likely be riding him till Christmas we have become pretty good friends. The investigator pool is not the largest in our area, but I'm glad to say that I love all of our investigators. Yesterday I had one of the best apple pies  I can remember aww it was good!!!
I did receive all the seminary letters last week, it may have even been 2 weeks ago, I cannot remember time is different when your serving the Lord. I feel bad as I have not yet written back on all of them. Last Friday we had a multi-zone which was really cool, it's when two of the zones get together and hear from the APs then from the Mission President and his Wife. They also have a missionary give an impromptu 5 minute talk, guess who did that. If you guessed me you guessed right. I'll tell the story to the best of my ability.
I was sitting next to Elder Fly when I heard my name called to do the talk and to make things worse I was drinking water and spit it every where in surprise.  I looked around hoping for another Elder Daniel and not seeing one looked at President Reeves and cautiously pointed at myself, after which he gave a nod and a wink. So I got up and immediately started fumbling  all over the place, and then decided to take a deep breath and say a little prayer, after which I decided to let the Lord direct me, sadly I wish I could type more but I'm going to be late to an appointment. Sorry!   I love you all.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not Lost Anymore Email - October 4, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
All is well here in Cali. Yes, the weather is hot, yes I am huffing and puffing on my bike.  People are receptive, they ask me if I know why they're  here and  where they are going;  and I think to myself, I know that one!! I still have not fallen yet, and hope to never do so,  even though I know its more than likely  (my skill level is increasing daily)!  I am safe and well!!
First I would like to say, mom can you  send me my mountain dew hat, I need one pretty bad and that's my favorite.  Plus today we got to go to the temple and take a tour of it and see parts and rooms that no one knows about it was sweet!!!
Now I feel impressed to tell you a story that happened almost 3 weeks ago. It was a time in my mission where I was feeling lost.  I didn't feel as if I was proggressing the way I had wanted. At that same time we were working with a lady named Jackie. She had also felt lost. She had those questions I mentioned earlier and she couldn't quit smoking, nothing would help;  fast, prayer, even recovery programs that the church offers.   Elder Potter and I didnt know what to do. We cannot baptize someone who's breaking the commandments, but we knew we would loose her if we didnt. All this stress and worry didn't help me out at all, things seemed to just get worse and I more lost. Eventually, we seeked our Mission Presidents guidance about Jackie, yet I didnt feel it was right to confront him with my issue. Jackie was intervewed by one of the Mission Presidents Counselor and even permitted to baptism as long as she didnt smoke that day. As the day arrived,  I became more and more stressed falling deeper into despair. Finally, Jackie's day arrived and the font was full, people piled into the building.  As I stood outside the font, as a witness, as I had done with others; Elder Potter walked into the water gave me a wink and a smile and then Jackie walked into the waters.  Watching her be baptized was amazing, the spirit filled the room. As she came out of the water I nodded as I was supposed to saying all was good. Immediately she hugged Elder Potter, whispered something in his ear and than unexpectenly ran and hugged me (neither hug is allowed by mission rules) and then wispered in my ear "thank you Elder, I'm found, I'm not lost anymore" then she turned and walked away, went and changed;  while leaving me in front of all the members.  I could feel the warm tears roll down my face and all I could say was neither am I. 
Whenever  I feel down and depressed about the work like "why does nobody wish to talk to me?"  I think back to Jackie, This is why I do this, I  bring People closer to Christ, it should be the goal for all. Lucifer stated it "not one shall be lost" sadly some shall be, but we should all strive to do our best, someone near us or even with us NEEDS the Gospel. It shall strengthen you just as much as them. I love and miss you, but in reality two  years is a lot shorter than an Eternity.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Me, My Bike and FLY! Email: Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
As most of you, if not all know, last week I was transferred to a new area.  I'm still living in the same apartment I'm just covering the South Side of Redlands. If you somehow by some grapevine heard that that's the Ghetto you are absolutely right!! Don't be scared the Lord protects us and we have fun. We also have nice homes too. I do now ride my bike and I have understood the power of prayer I have not yet crashed and have gone further than  I have ever imagined.  I'm not the fastest, but that's OK for now, everyday we push ourselves further.
The most difficult thing about being in a new ward is that the members are not totally missionary minded and it's difficult to get them that way. For some more interesting news: one of the missionaries was badly hurt last week. A Spanish Elder last week was at the University by our apartments.  He told some college kids if he did a back flip they had to be baptized,  I wasn't there when it happened, if I was I would've told him it was a bad idea. Well he did the back flip off a wall and pretty much landed it until one of his feet slipped his head landed on the concrete he broke his jaw in 3 places and shattered four teeth.   We got a phone call that morning that he was hurt, so we rode over there (on our bikes) and saw him spitting out teeth all over the pavement it wasn't a pretty sight. The Elder has surgery in 2 weeks and is staying on his mission, but we all had a meeting with the President about responsibility. The Elder has his mouth wired shut for the next two weeks. This shows me that the lord won't protect you when you decide to do something stupid.
I know you are probably antsy to hear about Elder Fly. Well, he's a real quiet guy who is really spiritual and funny.  We are having a pretty good companionship right now. Sister Hall took pics of us and said she would send them to you but I might have given her the wrong email now that I think of it, but I'll talk to her because I know you'll want it.
We also had Mission Conference this last Friday.   We heard from Elder Ringwood of the Seventy it was really good, later I'll tell you something he said in his talk that really inspired me. He did answer the question of the difference between faith and hope, again it surprised me that it was exactly what Elder Christofferson said when he answered it. He also gave us a great missionary scripture its on my favorite list its 2 Timothy 2:4. I think this is the scripture... I don't have my scriptures with me at the moment.
In 1st Nephi,Chapter 1 Lehi prays to find an answer. While praying he sees a vision. In this vision he sees Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. They give him a book, and he takes what he learns from this book and preaches to the people. Because they don't like his teachings they mock him even try to kill him.
Heavenly Father 
Jesus Christ
Who's life is it that parallels this list besides Lehi. If you guessed Joseph Smith your right. But, it also parallels us we each have prayed to know the Church is true and although we might not have had a vision we have learned it is true. We all have Faith that there is a God and He sent His Son for each one of us. Because of this Testimony we also know the Book of Mormon to be true . We all need to help preach and spread the gospel to the best of our ability and we will be mocked.  I see it everyday and some will get so furious that the will want to hurt or even kill you, but  DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!!  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will always be there. I leave this email with my solemn testimony that I know this is True, Joseph Smith did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ he was given the power to restore His church, and I know he sealed His testimony with his blood in the name of our loving Spiritual brother Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Monday, September 20, 2010

TRANSFERS Email - Monday, September 20,2010

Hello family and friends,
This last Saturday we received phone calls for transfers.  Starting my mission, most everyone told me I would stay with Elder Potter until he left (Nov. 2).   Well sadly this is not the case, on Saturday I learned I was being transferred to a bike area which was being Whitewashed ( this means 2 brand new elders are taking over) my new Companion is Elder Fly. I haven't met him yet but will in a few hours.  Although I was transferred I'm still living in the same apartment, so I will still see Elder Potter everyday, but now I will be sore for the next 6 weeks.  I'm a little nervous about riding the bike, but I'm just gonna try my hardest. So you can still send mail at the same address.
I was pretty sad to leave, but you just have to get over it. Ryan a guy in the YSA was really sad, but he realized there was nothing he could do about it. Although, he did tell me he's definitely serving a mission but he has to wait a year. He told me it would be funny if he got sent to Kentucky and I told him that would be sweet.
I don't know what else to say except I love you and miss you all. , California is great I'm a little sad leaving my wards, but I'm pretty sure the new one will be just as good.

Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S. End zoning is being transferred but still being in the same area for example the ward I'm in was covered by the YSA so IMO still officially in the same area.

Later than Usual! Email September 13, 2010

Dear Family,
I'm sorry my letter is a little later than usual, Elder Potter is leaving next transfer and his parents won't be able to pick him up, so President Reeves gave him a present, his Aunt and Uncle got to take him out today so I also got to go.  You will never believe what we did. WE WENT GOLFING!!! I wish John had taken me before, because the first 9 holes I looked like a total dweeb,  after a while I kinda got the hang of it. We went to a place called Oak Quarry its completely on a cliff, its a very beautiful course.  I golfed a 113 I don't know how good that is, but Elder Potter was a little impressed.
Yesterday was probably one of the best days of my mission so far, after church we went to dinner at a families house who just blessed there baby last Sunday, so they had a huge party.   Our Ward Mission Leader Spoke in church, it was one of my favorite topics. The Divine Call Of A Missionary. He ended up talking about how all calls are from the Lords inspiration. (I love Brother Funk). After our meal  we felt inspired to see a few people. The one person I will tell you about is Michelle. We tracked into her about three weeks ago. The first time we were there she told us to come by another time, not expecting us to return (most don't, but we always do) when we returned the next week, her  father-in-law had died and she was going to Hawaii with her husband to attend the funeral. We would not leave it at that though, so we returned the next week and she was just admitted to the hospital so we couldn't see her again. While walking away I turned to Elder Potter and said "the Adversary sure is busy with this one" Elder potter looked at me and called me a dork. (LOL!)  So yesterday we went knocking again. Michelle's husband opened the door and asked us if we were looking for her, we said yes and he replied let me go get her (this has never happened to either me or Elder Potter throughout our mission) she invited us in and asked "why do you keep coming over?" and we replied, "Michelle we have a short message for you about our Savior " we spent the next hour going over the Plan of Salvation and the Roles of Women in our church. I gave the closing Prayer in it I  asked for the Spirit to be with her and after she looked at me with tears flowing down her face and asked "Can the dead communicate with us after they have died?" and I said yes. she smiled and took us outside to see these beautiful flowers, only which two or three had bloomed and she told us she had these flowers for almost twelve years, and the first ones bloomed the day her father-in-law died.   She then stopped and said this is weird, another two have bloomed, I looked at her and said "Michelle your father-in-law is sending you a message, We are messengers of our Lord, Jesus Christ and we have the truth" we have an appointment scheduled for next Sunday.
Family, Friends all others whom might hear this story the Lord communicates in different ways, never ever see something and expect the Lord not to have his hand in it. I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior,  He suffered ,bled ,and died for us. Never will I forget that because I know, because of the Atonement I can live with my family again.
With much love,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter - August 10, 2010

Dear Family,

I feel impressed to tell you this story of my mission.  On my first day here in Redlands, Elder Potter and I went tracking.  I felt totally awkward walking up to doors and saying "Hi we're missionaries from the church" usually its as far as I would get before becoming totally nervous and freaking out.  Elder Potter, being totally amazing took me this door to show me something.  Elder Potter knocked on the door and a little old lady answered, looked at us and told us to come in.  Then we met Sister Knapp, a lady probably in her forties, she welcomed us and gave us water, then hearing that I was new wanted to know my life story, so I told it.  Then Elder Potter looked at her and calmly said "Elder Daniel has been having a tough day,"  Sister Knapp immediately caller her daughter Carol Joy.

Carol Joy at first glance isn't pretty.  She can barley even stand.  Half of her face is totally paralized.  When she ws twelve she had a brain tumor.  The Knapp Family fought and prayed for their daughter.  Carol Joy was a beam of sunshine always happy always smiling, whenever she was in the room you could feel the spirit.  After our conversation Elder Potter looked at me and I said wow.  He then asked me what is so special about Carol Joy.  I told him of how strongly the spirit is with her.  Then he looked at me and said.  "Elder Daniel I can feel that same spirit with you.  The Lord is with you don't EVER forget that.  Fear no man!"

Last Wednesday, Carol Joy had a seizure.  She died on Friday.  Fast Sunday was basically a memorial for her.  It was a very special Fast Sunday.



Monday, September 6, 2010

Email - August 31, 2010 - Just Another Week In Cali!

Dear Family and Friends,

I did receive the package from you on Friday, then the letter about the package on Saturday!

Well, to answer some questions:  No one else in the mission has trucks except for us, why, I don't know, I don't usually drive because I'm the Junior Companion, but I did drive this last week and I'll tell you why later.  The bike is fine I actually just rode it this last week and it wasn't too pretty, but I'll tell you more later; for now it  sits in our apartment and collects dust.  Although Dave (a member that lives in our apartment complex) says it is one of the best bikes out there and was shocked when he found out on what a great deal you got on it. 

I have a great companion and really good roommates.  Everyone treats me well and we all get along.

We are continuing to teach 3 people who have baptismal dates.  But all three are having difficult times, Matt (one of the people we are teaching) just lost two of his best friends in a car accident last week.  So it has been extremely difficult for him.  There are other people/families that we are teaching about eight at this time.

So, I guess I'll tell you a little about last week.  It was exchanges most of the week, which means I go to another area while Elder Potter inspects how the District Leaders are doing.  So  on Tuesday I went to Highlands with the Spanish Speaking Elders, which is where I got to drive.  I was totally lost because I know ZERO Spanish.  Then I got back Tuesday (all exchanges are 24 hours) and spent about 15 minutes with Elder Potter before going out with the AP's, which was the coolest experience ever!  Then I got back on Thursday and went on my bike with Elder Stevens.  I did crash, but I'm alright, (don't worry mom) I'm FINE!   Since, I just learned recently to ride and haven't been on a bike in over a month,  well, you get the picture!   So it's been a crazy and hectic week but everythings been good.  I'll write again next Monday. 

I love you all and keep you in my prayers.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

PS  Tell the young meand and women to look in the mail!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Email - August 23, 2010 (One month)!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Mom I don't know why my last email didn't send correctly, but glad that it finally went through.  John, in answer to what we are driving: we have a 2010 Chevy Colorado, it's really nice, and mom, no I haven't been driving, I just sit in the passenger seat and talk on the phone.  By the way, I talk more on the phone now than I ever have!

We sadly had a slightly crummy week; over half of our appointments were dropped (cancelled) it seems that people don't seem to care. We also have a challenge from our A.P. (assistant to the president) for each area to have someone on date by Saturday, that means two people for me and Elder Potter.  So we are working diligently.

I don't know how much I told you about our three baptisms two weeks ago, but I will tell you I learned something sweet about Marcus.  He's a magician; it's really crazy but he made me bend a quarter...a QUARTER!!!!   I don't know how he did it.  He's adjusting to the ward and now sadly we have to move him to the YSA.  I know he will do great at the new ward.

The YSA is an incredible ward everyone should go if they meet the qualifications.  Everyone is super nice and most of the men just got back from missions so that is pretty cool.  The family ward is also awesome.
Bishop Strong said he thinks I'm a great missionary and that Elder Potter and I are the best companionship yet!  That makes me feel really good to get positive feedback.  Cool!!!

The Caldera family dropped our lesson which was very disappointing because we had the best plan on getting them to church,  EVER.  We  are also teaching an investigator named Roberto, although he speaks little English he seems to know a lot.  He understands that the person who baptised him doesn't have the proper authority.  We are also teaching a part member family.  The mother isn't a member and her husband is less active, but they told us they have started looking strongly for another church.  All in all,the missionary work looks good.  We are having a good "spiritual" time and were getting  a lot of food,  tonight is meatloaf, wish me luck!!!  (maybe I should have tried yours mom)

By the way, before I forget,  yes, Yucaipa is partly in our area, the other town no.  Our area consists of a piece of Redlands (houses by the temple) all of Mentone and a piece of Yucaipa,  although Yucaipa isn't truly in ours we are helping out the other missionaries in that area -  that's just with the family ward.  The YSA is the whole stake so it's quite large.

Some other good news... we do have a lot of free stuff!!  Like today was free Smoothies!!!  As a Zone we hiked a mountain and we got to see this sweet waterfall. 

Mom, I'm glad that you gave out the PAC (pass along card) that's really sweet, she will enjoy it.  I'm planning on buying more stamps because I'm out and have letters to write.

Well I should get going,  hope this goes through!!



Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 16, 2010 - Letter from the Mission President

Dear Brother and Sister Wells,

We are so grateful to have Elder Zachary David Daniel join us here in the California Riverside Mission!  It was exciting to meet him at the airport, take him to the Mission Office to meet our office staff, and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with him at the mission home.  I had the opportunity to interview your missionary and we were able to hear his testimony after having dinner together.

Elder Daniel is now hard at work in his new area, the Redlands Zone with his companion Elder Riley Grant Potter.  The next day he spent time with us for more instruction, another personal interview and lunch.  We have been impressed with his testimony and desire to serve.  It has been a privilege to get to know him.

We want you to know that we have asked each missionary to write home every week on preparation day, which is Monday; most missionaries choose to email.  We encourage you to write or email weekly.  Thank you for keeping your letters positive, uplifting and encouraging your son to work hard and take advantage of the time spent here in doing the work of the Lord.  Please be cautious about sharing problems which might take his mind off the work.  Of course, any major changes in your family, such as life-threatening illnesses, death, etc., should come to my attention, so that I can counsel with your missionary.

We pledge to do all within our power to love, inspire and help Elder Daniel to have a great experience here.  We know that parents and family play a vey significant role in the success that their missionary has in the work.  Missionaries are so blessed when they feel the love and support of family and friends at home.  We thank you for support and commitment to your son.  We know the Lord will bless Elder Daniel as he devotes himself to the proclaiming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Melvyn K. Reeves, President
California Riverside Mission

Was so grateful to hear from his Mission President and thankful that he has such good leadership.


Another Email- August 16, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

I arrived in California on Tuesday after a short plane ride. While going down the escalator I saw Pres. and Sis. Reeves (two of the nicest people ever). 
All ten of us had interviews and got to look at "The Board". It shows all the missionaries and their campanions so we all could see where we were going. Out of the ten of us, four were getting cars (two elders and both sisters). By the way, when we got out of the airport and asked why it was so foggy Pres. Reeves laughed and told me thats not fog its smog.  My jaw dropped. But back to the story. We were all sitting in the living room of the mission home waiting to find out who our new companions were and whether or not we got cars. First was Elder Kirk (my MTC companion) who went to Temecula (a bike mission). 
Then sitting in my seat, freaking out they called Elder Potter and announced his companion would be... ME!! So we sat down next to each other and he told me we have a truck. CHA-CHING!! But after I figured out why I wasn't the happiest camper, we have two wards! That's 6 hours of Church! It actually isn't that bad. I am in the Redlands 2nd ward and the YSA (Young Single Adults) Ward.
So I've got real good news, on Saturday, I had my first 3 baptisms I thought it didn't count as my number but Elder Potter says it does, did I mention he's the Zone Leader. I live in an apartment with another set of missionaries (Elder Stevens & Elder Hasnaker), Elder Stevens is my district leader.
I've met some really intresting people so far and food, by the way you've never had Mexican food until a mexican cooks it. I've never had so much spicy food in my life!! The most recent spiritual thing I can share was last night at the Caldera home.

The Caldera family is a pretty wealthy, nice, Catholic family. They have strong testimonies and truly believe in the Catholic Religion, but me and Elder Potter have changed that a little. After meeting them once weeks ago Elder Potter dropped of a DVD of the Restoration. Well we revisited them last night and they said they were feeling guilty about meeting with us. After a small conversation Elder Potter asked if they watched the DVD. The wife had but not the rest of the family (two daughters and her husband) we asked what she liked and she told us that it was true and she knew it, but she wouldn't accept it. Mrs. Caldera is too scared of her Catholic church to say she knows it's true. What a sad night.
Tracting is great and horrible I now have a fear of dogs and guns. Every home in our mission has dogs and there all pretty big and vicious looking and many houses have signs that read. "I don't call 911 I have a gun". Not fun to look at I did however have my first succesful door approach got a lesson scheduled for Tuesday.
Well I hope all is well I will write next Monday
Much Love,

Elder Zachary David Daniel

We were excited to learn where Zach is serving, John especially was excited because his father lived there and has friends in the area. Although Zachary is not in the same ward as John's late father was.

The Phone Call- August 10, 2010

Zach called around 11am. I had taken off work to wait for the call, and was excited to hear his voice. He was all excited to get to California and even more excited that he didn't have to fly standby. He sounded so mature even though he had only been gone for about 3 weeks.

After about 20 minutes it was time to say goodbye, and to be honest, I don't remember what he said, just that he sounded ready for the mission field. He was flying with a group of elders and they were all taking turns using the pay phone at the airport.

I do remember that he was so excited that everyone catered to the missionaries. The employees at the airport were excited to see them and were very helpful. He felt so special because they didn't even have to wait for security. They had their own line!

He wishes everyone well, misses everyone, and continues to keep you all in his prayers.


An Email-August 5, 2010

Thanks for the package I really enjoyed it and your cookies are a hit in the district (all the guys in my class). I got my travel arrangements last Friday. On August 10th I will be flying from Salt Lake to Ontario, California it seems so soon but one of my teachers, Brother P, told me I'd do great he even said he'd give me one of his ties :).

Well I study the Book of Mormon about 2-3 hours a day, study preach my gospel about an hour more than that, have gym for an hour class for two relax for one and eat its kinda surprisng how much you get done when wake up at 6:30 every morning, yes 6:30 I go to bed at 10:30 so I'm pretty tired today I studied and polished my shoes all by myself and yes I did a good job.

The best news I got though is that when I get to Salt Lake I'm allowed to call immediate family so I will call next Tuesday between 8:00 and 11:00. It will be the last time we talk until Christmas.
Nothing much else has happened you should tell Aunt Barb I told her to talk to those two young men because if they are who i think they are they've got a pretty special message to share. Trust me its good. I think I might use it myself if you know what I mean.

I probably will write another letter just to make you feel good you never know, it just might have some pictures in it.

I love you all and keep you in my prayers but I've got to go because my companion wants to email.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

The Second Letter- August 5, 2010

Dear Mom, John and Meaghan,

I just finished my email to you and sorting my clothes. Randy (Chambers) comes in today, but I probably won't see him because he's not in our Zone (anyone in our half of the floor). I don't remember what I wrote last week so some of this might be a repeat.

Last Wednesday the new Sweeds (Elders going to Sweden, we all get cool nicknames) arrived. They have two sisters both are extremely cute both are totally off limits. I actually never think about sisters like that anymore, it's kind of weird.

I stopped for some time and got lunch. The food here is really good, there's always something I like.

So I have two teachers, Sister Clark and Brother Penallio (Brother P) both are pretty cool. Brother P has promised me a tie.

Although its only been two weeks, it feels like months and it's pretty amazing. I would really appreciate it if you would tell the ward that I'm doing great. To thank them because they were the ones that got me here. Everyone believing in me gives me a boost of confidence. I learned so much in one day, it's mind boggling. I might even be smarter than President Rockwood (well, ok not that smart). I'm not just learning the gospel, I'm learning how to communicate and read people; see how they feel, and get to know them. I truly feel closer to people I haven't even met yet. I have a charity I never thought I would have. I love people, not because they love me or give me things. I love them because they're God's children and that's all they have to be.

We go to the temple every Wednesday at 3:40. It's a real blessing to be that close to one.

Well I think I'm going to go now, because I really want to take a nap (it's the only day I can) I love you all and I miss you, I will keep you in my prayers.


Elder Zachary Daniel :)

PS Read 1 Nephi 3:7, Sister Clark says I remind her of this person in the Book of Mormon.

PPS Obedience

PPPS Isn't it weird, when you get this letter, I might be in California.

PPPPS I'm not homesick anymore.
It was a relief to know that he was no longer homesick, and it's amazing to hear him grow so much spiritually from letter to letter.


The First Letter- July 28, 2010

Dear Family,

This last week of my life is or has been one of the most spiritual experiences ever.  But before I go into it, I will tell you what happened the last time I saw you.

After you dropped me off mom, the elder that took my bag, led me to the administration building where I got my MTC card (it lets me eat and gives me $6 a week for personal supplies) and my NAME TAG!!! Which I am wearing right now.  Then I was led to a room where I met my companion; Elder Kirk.  He's a really nice guy and district leader; which makes me senior companion.

After that we dropped our bags off and went straight to class (no unpacking).  We had class until 9 pm then came back, unpacked, and went straight to bed.

I get up every morning at 6:30, have a class, go to breakfast, have gym, go to class, lunch, class, dinner, class, plan, bed.  By the way, there is an opening and closing prayer to each activity, so I pray about 15 times per day.  I'm not lying.... I did the math this morning!  I study more than a college student, but I'm starting to love it, yes, love it, and my days are filled with inspiration.

But with great inspirational days, sad ones occur too.  Elder Simmons, a missionary in my district is very homesick.  So badly that he cannot study or read or even teach.  On Friday, he contemplated going home.  Another missionary in our zone, already decided to go home and was leaving that day.  We each bore testimony to both missionaries and told them we loved them.  Which we truly do.  There's a connection between us that is unbreakable.  We would do anything for each other.  After the testimonies two sisters were standing in the hall singing "How Great Thou Art" immediately I felt the spirit.  Not knowing the words I began singing with them with all my heart.  Instantly the spirit took over it was so strong I almost fell to my knees.  I have a testimony that this is where Heavenly Father wants me and I will serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

This is how we are broken down:  MTC Presidency to Branch 37 (US) to Zone 1 to District C.

There are over 50 branches, each branch only has one zone right now.  But our zone has 4 districts.  There are 10 missionaries in it and this is considered small.

By the way, I have seen Ammon (Johnstun) his class is two doors down from us.  So I wave and he waves back.  On my first day we talked for awhile.

Well, I'm doing laundry so I will talk to you later.

With All My Love,

Elder Zach Daniel

PS  I have only received one letter (moms) my companion 6.  I think there is something wrong with that picture!
This was one week at the MTC.

July 21, 2010- Leaving for the MTC in Provo, UT

John and I brought Zach to the airport for the first flight of the day to Salt Lake City. Lucky John's a pilot and came with us through the airport! After problems with my ticket, we ended up at the gate just in time for boarding, so despite our planning the goodbyes to John were quick. The flight was uneventful and long for Zach, who had to be in a suit the whole time, and couldn't listen to music or watch TV. This was especially painful because being frequent fliers he definitely has a routine. Upon arrival in Salt Lake we rented a car and drove the hour to Provo. We had enough time for a quick lunch and a few pictures, then it was drop off time. This is every mom's worst nightmare, because it was a quick drop at the curb. A few tears were shed (on my part), and then he entered the building, all smiles. After a quick mini-meltdown I drove up to Idaho to pick up Meaghan, Zach's older sister at BYU-Idaho. Unfortunately, they missed each other by a couple of days, due to Meaghan's finals, I know she was heartbroken.
Zach and John at the airport
Me and Zach, our last picture in Cincinnati.


July 18, 2010- The Open House

On Sunday evening, July18th the Hebron ward and Zach's close high school friends packed into our home to say goodbye and wish him well. Some had advice, including my husband, his stepdad John who wrote and recited his traditional poem. Backstory: My husband writes roses are red poems for every major event in our family (i.e. major birthdays, weddings, graduation, etc.). Here's a copy:

Elder Daniel

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Zachary David Daniel
It's now time for you
To follow the others
And be on your way
Your mission awaits you
It's finally your day.
You've prepared for years
And that day is now here
So off to the MTC
And be of good cheer!
Your mom will miss you
And I will too
Who'll do the lessons
When Home Teaching is due?
They said riding a bike
Would be your downfall
But you practiced doing that
Now you ride straight and tall.
Nothing can stop you
You're sly as a fox
Not even that old
Stinkin' brick mailbox!!
So pack up your bags
With scriptures and then some
From this day forward
It's California here I come!
-John Wells

Zach was overwhelmed by the love and support in the room. I know that he has grown up with all of you and loves you all deeply. Here's some fun pictures!
Cake for the event, it was gone pretty quick!
Zach before all the guests got here.
Zach with Randy, Sam, and Hunter. Randy is currently serving in Sacramento. He entered the MTC just two weeks after Zach and is in the same state!
 The Hebron Ward Crew! From left to right, Ben, Ci, Zach, Brooklyn, Keith, Kayla, and Renee.

Thank you for everything!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

May 13, 2010- The Mission Call

Zach had been checking the mailbox daily for  two weeks for his letter that would include the mission call. Guesses were made for the location of the mission, but in the end I was right! It finally arrived on Thursday, May 13th! He was thrilled to find out that he would be staying in the states (so was I), and would be speaking his native language, English. Zach's mission call was to Riverside, California, and he would be entering the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on July 21, 2010 (just a few months after turning 19 and graduating from high school). Family and friends were immediately notified and the day was cause for much celebration (see picture below). Then it set in, we had merely two months to plan and organize a 19 year old kid for his entry into the adult world and for two years on his own. Then the work really began, for me, his mom.