Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Email - August 23, 2010 (One month)!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Mom I don't know why my last email didn't send correctly, but glad that it finally went through.  John, in answer to what we are driving: we have a 2010 Chevy Colorado, it's really nice, and mom, no I haven't been driving, I just sit in the passenger seat and talk on the phone.  By the way, I talk more on the phone now than I ever have!

We sadly had a slightly crummy week; over half of our appointments were dropped (cancelled) it seems that people don't seem to care. We also have a challenge from our A.P. (assistant to the president) for each area to have someone on date by Saturday, that means two people for me and Elder Potter.  So we are working diligently.

I don't know how much I told you about our three baptisms two weeks ago, but I will tell you I learned something sweet about Marcus.  He's a magician; it's really crazy but he made me bend a quarter...a QUARTER!!!!   I don't know how he did it.  He's adjusting to the ward and now sadly we have to move him to the YSA.  I know he will do great at the new ward.

The YSA is an incredible ward everyone should go if they meet the qualifications.  Everyone is super nice and most of the men just got back from missions so that is pretty cool.  The family ward is also awesome.
Bishop Strong said he thinks I'm a great missionary and that Elder Potter and I are the best companionship yet!  That makes me feel really good to get positive feedback.  Cool!!!

The Caldera family dropped our lesson which was very disappointing because we had the best plan on getting them to church,  EVER.  We  are also teaching an investigator named Roberto, although he speaks little English he seems to know a lot.  He understands that the person who baptised him doesn't have the proper authority.  We are also teaching a part member family.  The mother isn't a member and her husband is less active, but they told us they have started looking strongly for another church.  All in all,the missionary work looks good.  We are having a good "spiritual" time and were getting  a lot of food,  tonight is meatloaf, wish me luck!!!  (maybe I should have tried yours mom)

By the way, before I forget,  yes, Yucaipa is partly in our area, the other town no.  Our area consists of a piece of Redlands (houses by the temple) all of Mentone and a piece of Yucaipa,  although Yucaipa isn't truly in ours we are helping out the other missionaries in that area -  that's just with the family ward.  The YSA is the whole stake so it's quite large.

Some other good news... we do have a lot of free stuff!!  Like today was free Smoothies!!!  As a Zone we hiked a mountain and we got to see this sweet waterfall. 

Mom, I'm glad that you gave out the PAC (pass along card) that's really sweet, she will enjoy it.  I'm planning on buying more stamps because I'm out and have letters to write.

Well I should get going,  hope this goes through!!



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