Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First Letter- July 28, 2010

Dear Family,

This last week of my life is or has been one of the most spiritual experiences ever.  But before I go into it, I will tell you what happened the last time I saw you.

After you dropped me off mom, the elder that took my bag, led me to the administration building where I got my MTC card (it lets me eat and gives me $6 a week for personal supplies) and my NAME TAG!!! Which I am wearing right now.  Then I was led to a room where I met my companion; Elder Kirk.  He's a really nice guy and district leader; which makes me senior companion.

After that we dropped our bags off and went straight to class (no unpacking).  We had class until 9 pm then came back, unpacked, and went straight to bed.

I get up every morning at 6:30, have a class, go to breakfast, have gym, go to class, lunch, class, dinner, class, plan, bed.  By the way, there is an opening and closing prayer to each activity, so I pray about 15 times per day.  I'm not lying.... I did the math this morning!  I study more than a college student, but I'm starting to love it, yes, love it, and my days are filled with inspiration.

But with great inspirational days, sad ones occur too.  Elder Simmons, a missionary in my district is very homesick.  So badly that he cannot study or read or even teach.  On Friday, he contemplated going home.  Another missionary in our zone, already decided to go home and was leaving that day.  We each bore testimony to both missionaries and told them we loved them.  Which we truly do.  There's a connection between us that is unbreakable.  We would do anything for each other.  After the testimonies two sisters were standing in the hall singing "How Great Thou Art" immediately I felt the spirit.  Not knowing the words I began singing with them with all my heart.  Instantly the spirit took over it was so strong I almost fell to my knees.  I have a testimony that this is where Heavenly Father wants me and I will serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

This is how we are broken down:  MTC Presidency to Branch 37 (US) to Zone 1 to District C.

There are over 50 branches, each branch only has one zone right now.  But our zone has 4 districts.  There are 10 missionaries in it and this is considered small.

By the way, I have seen Ammon (Johnstun) his class is two doors down from us.  So I wave and he waves back.  On my first day we talked for awhile.

Well, I'm doing laundry so I will talk to you later.

With All My Love,

Elder Zach Daniel

PS  I have only received one letter (moms) my companion 6.  I think there is something wrong with that picture!
This was one week at the MTC.

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