Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Second Letter- August 5, 2010

Dear Mom, John and Meaghan,

I just finished my email to you and sorting my clothes. Randy (Chambers) comes in today, but I probably won't see him because he's not in our Zone (anyone in our half of the floor). I don't remember what I wrote last week so some of this might be a repeat.

Last Wednesday the new Sweeds (Elders going to Sweden, we all get cool nicknames) arrived. They have two sisters both are extremely cute both are totally off limits. I actually never think about sisters like that anymore, it's kind of weird.

I stopped for some time and got lunch. The food here is really good, there's always something I like.

So I have two teachers, Sister Clark and Brother Penallio (Brother P) both are pretty cool. Brother P has promised me a tie.

Although its only been two weeks, it feels like months and it's pretty amazing. I would really appreciate it if you would tell the ward that I'm doing great. To thank them because they were the ones that got me here. Everyone believing in me gives me a boost of confidence. I learned so much in one day, it's mind boggling. I might even be smarter than President Rockwood (well, ok not that smart). I'm not just learning the gospel, I'm learning how to communicate and read people; see how they feel, and get to know them. I truly feel closer to people I haven't even met yet. I have a charity I never thought I would have. I love people, not because they love me or give me things. I love them because they're God's children and that's all they have to be.

We go to the temple every Wednesday at 3:40. It's a real blessing to be that close to one.

Well I think I'm going to go now, because I really want to take a nap (it's the only day I can) I love you all and I miss you, I will keep you in my prayers.


Elder Zachary Daniel :)

PS Read 1 Nephi 3:7, Sister Clark says I remind her of this person in the Book of Mormon.

PPS Obedience

PPPS Isn't it weird, when you get this letter, I might be in California.

PPPPS I'm not homesick anymore.
It was a relief to know that he was no longer homesick, and it's amazing to hear him grow so much spiritually from letter to letter.


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