Monday, July 9, 2012

Almost Home! E-mail July 9, 2012

Most of  Elder Daniel's email is business related as he is preparing to come home in 15 days!   We are so excited and looking forward to his return! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Temple! E-mail - June 26, 2012

So I will actually get to send you a real email!!  This last week Alfredo called and asked me to be his escort in the temple.  It was really weird escorting someone through the Temple.  It reminded me of when John did it almost two years ago!!
I also had my outgoing interview with the Presidenrt it was pretty intense.  We talked about college and making goals for your life and such. We also talked about being released... PLEASE let me be released on Wednesday, if not John, we are going to be comps! President made me promise that Iwould continue to live mission rules that means you too!!!!
Don't have much else to say so I will  let you go.
Love you all!
Elder Zachary David Daniel

God Bless The Long Road! E-mail June 18, 2012

Well it was an interesting week. We had a lot of trouble meeting with people. It's weird, it seems that people expect me to be trunkie, but its hard not to be.  I have my final interview with President tomorrow, it is super sad to know that I will be leaing soon. Some of my investigators cried earlier because I was leaving for good. It's sweet to hear Alfredo got his call, he really deserves it! I don't know if I ever told you his story...
Alfredo and I met back when I had been out for six months, back in Menifee. I was in Menifee Lake and he was in Perris and we didn't know each other super well, but we knew each other(he gave us lots of rides)! Then I got transferred to Temecula and he moved to the desert (unknown to me) so when I got to Perris I thought  I would see him... nope, so then I got transferred to the desert and we almost spent everyday together.  He was like having another Elder with us and  was also a way to deal with my companion.  Alfredo had a pretty sucky home life, so we stuck it out together! It's sweet that he is going on his mission, that has been his goal for the past while!  I am super proud of him!
My Bishop here asked me to speak my last week, so I will be speaking on how Heavenly Father has blessed the long road as a missionary.  It should be interesting, the Ward has been super nice as they keep pushing me to work my hardest these last few weeks. I have a baptism on Saturday so I know I'm working hard!
Well, I  don't know what else to say so I'm going to sign off!!!
Love you all!

Elder Zachary David Daniel

A Long Week! E-mail - June 11, 2012

Well, it was transfers week and all the Elders had a party for me since
I'm on my death bed (its my last transfer)!  So begins the final countdown
6 weeks and no one is letting me forget it and I mean no one. The
Elder that is killing me (my last comp) is pretty cool. He is making a
list of what stuff everyone wants so I don't know how much stuff I will
have.  The guitar I  had is now Elder Mckees. I really don't know what else to say and I'm running out of time.  Sorry.
Did anyone get an email from Meaghan, because i didn't???!!!

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming To A Close! E-mail - June 4, 2012

Well as I look back on my week, I realized that the people in my ward are as trunkie as me. Not that that's bad, they are just super excited that I get to go home and see everyone.

We have a new Less-Active we are working with.  His name is Jayson and he has a clone of Jack only it's a girl!!!! Also went to the craziest Spanish Birthday Party, even in America the cultures are so different... when they hit the pinata everyone sings this Spanish song as loud as possible. Then after you sing happy B-day the person takes a bite out of the cake and someone pushes their face in the cake!  It was crazy!!!

So we played baseball today and I almost hit a home run so close...  I called the APS - mom - and see my other email for the details.
Much love,
Elder Zachary David Daniel

Monday, May 14, 2012

E-mail - May 14, 2012

So it was great talking to everyone the Bishop thought John was
hilarious and then asked me if "he's always like that" I just sat there
and smiled. Just get gift cards to T. Bell and Pizza Hut. I love Pizza
Hut it is so amazing!!!
Well I hope everything is going good there...
About the teeth thing... we have a less active we visit in a trailer
park and whenever we go over she tells us how the government is messed
up and how we don't need health insurance or dental she always says 
"I have never been to a dentist my entire life and my teeth are
fine... they are not!!! The few she has left are black!!! It's super
gross. One day she gets into it. She is talking faster and faster and
I started scooting towards the other end of the couch and my comp is
sitting there trying to get involved in what she was saying.  Then
this spit comes flying out of her mouth and I can watch it floating
there in slow-mo just lobbing across the room and it nails my comp in
the eye and it takes every fiber of my being not to bust out
laughing... then she looks at him and says " honey I know our
government is a little bad, but it's no reason to cry. We went home and
my comp took a shower.
Well that's all I have time for. I love you and wish you the best.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

Another Week! E-mail -- May 7, 2012

 Well I'm in a car!!!! Hemet is really nice. We live in the nicest apartments in the whole city... that isn't really saying much though, we live by ourselves which is good but weird I haven't lived with just one other person in sooo long. We live about four miles outside of our area which kinda stinks we have to drive a little ways to get anywhere. I cover the "hick" area we have TONS of trailer parks and farms.
 About my letters to Meaghan did I not put your name on it?? I'm so confused, your address makes NO sense... I'm in Cali your gonna have to simplify things... and about skyping... I know where we are calling from and sometime after 2 o'clock my time so sometime around 5 o'clock your time.... now I don't know if I will actually be skyping or just calling; don't know if the member we will be going to has skype....  
 This week was interesting, we have a lot of people that wanted to meet me.. I don't know why but they freaked when they heard I was from Kentucky " We have never met a Kentuckian before!!!" so it was kinda cool. I went back to the desert, don't know if I ever told you about Chris Madson. He was one of my hardest investigators and he finally got baptized, it was sick. I spoke about baptism and didn't do horrible.
 So my birthday is coming up and I haven't really given it much thought... with me coming home soon I don't want you buying something big that will go to waste cuz I will only use it for a few months,maybe just hold off till I come home... 
 I don't know what else to say... I love you all, keep safe
Elder Zachary David Daniel