Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming To A Close! E-mail - June 4, 2012

Well as I look back on my week, I realized that the people in my ward are as trunkie as me. Not that that's bad, they are just super excited that I get to go home and see everyone.

We have a new Less-Active we are working with.  His name is Jayson and he has a clone of Jack only it's a girl!!!! Also went to the craziest Spanish Birthday Party, even in America the cultures are so different... when they hit the pinata everyone sings this Spanish song as loud as possible. Then after you sing happy B-day the person takes a bite out of the cake and someone pushes their face in the cake!  It was crazy!!!

So we played baseball today and I almost hit a home run so close...  I called the APS - mom - and see my other email for the details.
Much love,
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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