Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sickness E-mail - January 9, 2012

Well it's been an interesting last 9 days seeing as this is one of the few times I have been outside the apartment, as my comp has been sick.  His name by the way is Elder Williams, we got the package thing with all the cards today and he says thank you for the birthday present. He thought it was funny that I never told you his name.
So about Jack, after a lot of thought (remember I have not done anything the last 9 days) I decided what we should do...   just get another dog... now I know what your thinking,  John,  and no it's not to much work. We should get a German Shephard and name him Vlad seeing as Meaghan is going to Ukraine and it sounds like a nice Ukranian name!!!! I know that having another dog around the house will be good for everyone including John. It's ok if you think it's to soon, we can wait til I come home and I will help pick him out!! 
I don't know if I ever told you I got a guitar.  I have been trying to learn, but its coming very difficult.  I can only play one song and it has no cords it's actually only four notes long. But I'm trying to become the master so I can return and jam out with John!  Maybe we can play in sacrament meeting together :)
I can't believe the Elders no showed did they call? President would kill us if we did that. Speaking of President Smart we had our interview on Wednesday and spoke about my last comp and your phone conversation.  He said he really liked John, also told me it wasn't weird that you called; he says if he didn't get a phone call from at least 4 parents in a day he would be worried. My question... where did you get his number? Plus you should see his cell phone its super nice!!!
Well, not much more to say just sticking in here while my comps sick.
Love you and talk to you later.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

A New Area, A Bunch of Sisters, A Sick Companion, Miracles! E-mail - January 3, 2012

I believe as I said last week, I'm in Redlands.    It has been a unique expierience. I am the oldest elder in mission life in the zone, so I'm Patriarch Daniel. It's weird, never thought I'd be a Patriarch. So I'm in Highlands in Redlands Zone.  Highlands is really interesting, it's one city built on a hill.   Biking will be fun! Although, we have not biked yet. My comps b-day is on the 27th ( I don't know why I said that).  We knew each other before he was in my district, the first time I was in Menifee. The Sisters are different... they like to ask lots of questions, it's like everyday they call to ask us something kinda weird. They are awsome workeres and they love the Lord so that's good. 

Well, my comp has been sick for the last 4 days I have been sooo bored. I watched movies all morning... church movies. Before my comp got sick though we had a ton of miracles. We were going to see this man at the dialysis center and we stopped by a lady to talk about the church and she wanted to know about what we believe.  While we were teaching I had the inspiration to ask if she had ever recieved a blessing and my comp said he had never given her one before.  So, we gave her a blessing and then my companion twisted his ankle and we had to go home, but I didn't know the way and he was in too much pain to lead the way so I went the wrong way... my bad, but we ended up on the street of this investigator that we had so we decided to stop by and see her.   She said that she needed us and was telling us that she couldn't be a member because she had anger problems.  I then told her about some members I know with anger problems and it calmed her down.

I realized that God sometimes sends us miracles because we need to see our faith in action. I know that it is because of our faith and our hard work that we saw those miracles.


Elder Zachary Daniel