Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Bowls, Guns, Deep Fried Turkey and one Wallet with 23.7 million dollars!!!!! E-mail Monday, November 28, 2011‏

Dear Mom, John and Meaghan,

If you thought Meaghan's title was weird look at mine!!!! So, as Thanksgiving came we bulked up for one of the most insane turkey bowls in the history of the world our team (the krazies) ended up with 7 points, three turnovers, seven sacks.  We intercepted the ball 9 times and forced one fumble (it was the craziest two hand touch football game ever)!!  I intercepted once and caught a few passes.  One was a sick, one handed catch in the end zone. So as you can imagine it was pretty fun.
After turkey bowl, we went to eat dinner with our Bishop, and on our way there he called us and told us to meet him in the middle of nowhere. So off we went!  When we got there he was standing there with a shotgun at his hip looking like an old cowboy.  We watched as his family shot off hundreds of rounds of ammo, it was pretty crazy!  He had an AK-22 or something or other that was a crazy semi-automatic!!
So after 3 hours of watching this, we returned to his home and ate deep fried turkey.  It was pretty good didn't really know anyone there so it was kinda awkward (Bishop invited his family over).  Elder Christensen has been sick this week so we spent a ton of time inside, it was totally boring.  Having your comp sick is the worst thing ever, because first you spend all day inside with him then two days later you're sick!
Well,  after dinner we played monopoly with the Lewis kids and I conquered with over 23.7 million dollars so I put it in my wallet and walked away as a joke.
I love you all and miss you.  I sent my list in a letter and if all went well, Meaghan should be opening a package right about... now. oh I'm good!!
The work is done, John, the information is on it's way to you. Should be pretty helpful I presume!!!
Elder Daniel

Friday, November 25, 2011

16 down 8 left‏ E-mail Tuesday, November 21, 2011

Well,  I'm waiting for my mother to respond to my earlier email and I only have 28 minutes to wait so I thought I'd start my email to you, ohhh let me start off right...
Dear family friends and anyone else who seems to be reading at the time,
Well it looks like I will be in the desert 6 months, wow... I remember the days a few months ago where you would walk outside and your comps bike was melting in the heat or you would spit and the saliva would almost dry up before it hit the ground... now the weather is perfect!  I do believe God is blessing me for not going home.. that thought came when we tracted for 2 hours in almost 122 degree weather!!! without water (big mistake).
Well, it's almost Thanks Giving and a man in one of our meetings said that his family each says two things they are grateful for each week until Christmas so... I will do the same.
1. The gospel (for without it I would be lost)!
2. Money (for without it I would be broke)!
Now because I feel like giving you a challenge (I do this a lot as a district leader) I challenge each of you to do the same here are the rules!!!
1. Every week you come up with 2 things you're grateful for
2. No repeats
3 If you have a repeat the next week you have to do an extra thing
It's simple and it will be very interesting. So me and my comp are not doing any better.  I think he is depressed and I am really having a tough time.  We talked to President about it, and in his great wisdom we are spending another six weeks together.  It will be interesting. As being a district leader it is going well, I'll be a district leader until the President says otherwise, mom, so he could send me somewhere else and still make me a district leader or maybe a regular missionary again, I don't know.
If I have learned one thing from this area it's how awesome God is. I sometimes think that he just loves us and that  it is so easy for him, but I think I see more clearly how hard that must be, when his children don't care enough to even say he exists or to break his commandments with no care. I know that God lives he loves us so much he sent his son to suffer and die for us.  The atonement is the greatest and last sacrifice of all mankind.
I love you!

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shoes!!! E-mail November 14, 2011

Dear Mom and John,
So, as I said last week I need new shoes; but don't bother, a man in the ward bought me a pair. It was so awkward.... I was like crying and stuff (there super expensive( he owns his own business) I asked him why and he said he would want the same for his son.
Well, this week is transfers as you know are you ready...... I'm staying with Elder Christensen until after Christmas. It's been kinda crazy, no one in my district is leaving... which means I still get to practice my sign language.... yeah!!!
Meaghan's in the MTC, what an experience!!   I liked the pics, they were nice. The desert has been really nice these last few days, mid 70s all sunny.  Saturday it rained which was nice. We did an all day service project which was interesting. I was standing in the rain in only my hoodie and some shorts; it was pretty miserable. Don't know if I ever told you about the Smith family... they are this awesome family; both the parents served in the Cincinatti Mission in the 80s.   They showed us this video of them in Cincy and guess what???   They took the Anderson ferry into Kentucky... it looked so similar!   It was crazy.
We have been having a difficult time finding new investigators. It has been real tough.  There is no place to tract out here because of all the gated communities. Do you want to  know something crazy John???   I am teaching your old comps nephew and his non-member wife... how weird is that!!!
I told you about John B. the young man I confirmed a member.. well he is struggling a little.   Life has really been tough for him, but man has he changed! I sometimes can't believe the impact of the gospel on peoples lives. John is willing to do anything to please his Father in heaven.  How wonderful is that.  We tell him that his Father in heaven wishes for him to do something and all he says is of course I will. I think how many of us hear that we need to do something and instead of John's "I will attitude" we think why? That is a habit that I myself am trying to break.  To stop saying why and just to go and do.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Oh my lanta!!‏ E-mail November 7, 2011

Exciting news for Meaghan; she goes into the MTC in like 2 days Crazy!!!! It only feels like yesterday that I myself took my first steps into the campus and think... "oh my lanta what did i just do!?!" Do not fear Meaghan for everyone feels that way! It will be the craziest # months of your life, but at least all your mission speaks the same language I'm learning ASL pretty fast but its hard to keep up with!! 
As I said a few weeks ago there is a guy here who just got back from Ukraine.  I asked him about his mission and stuff and all he said was "did she buy a big coat?" and I shrugged, then he started laughing and walked away. Did you buy a big coat? I'm confused. Hope the open house was exciting.  It is  interesting saying goodbye to everyone.  Can you believe we will not have seen each other in almost 4 years!!! Isn't that crazy!!!!
So  (since you asked) for Christmas I kinda would like some new shoes, besides that anything you think that I would like or need would be nice. If you could send me a seamstress for free that would be nice!  I need to sew up some white shirts that may not be so white anymore. Nerf war last week was intense we (the Vietcong) destroyed the army rangers from WW2.  Wish I  had some good pics but they really didn't come out on the camera. It was like playing halo... only no controller!
All here is going good; transfers are coming up and it might look like its my time.  I've been here for about 4 and a half months so we will see. All  I know is that one of us is most likely going; at least that's what I'm hoping for. Well, I love you and miss you and hope to see ya soon!!! 

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Anything to feel clean‏ E-mail October 17, 2011

Yesterday I confirmed someone a member of the church it was kinda freaky!! After he talked a little about how the gospel effected him. I wish to tell you a little of his story.
John B. was a regular guy; 19 worked for Verizon, had a cute girlfriend and when he heard a missionary say "Christ has come to the Americas and will come again!!" it spiked his interests. America where does it say that in the bible he thought, but it felt right; why wouldn't Christ come here? We are his children as well! So he decided to hear more about it from the missionaries. That's when Elder Alexander called us. We got his address and went to visit. 
"Guys, I don't wanna convert I just wanna know a little more." That was the line that he probably used the most as he talked to us about his life. He found out that his parents were actually members, but that they had died in a car crash.  If that had never happened he would have grown up a member. He had not though and we continued teaching more and more and John kept changing more and more.  He broke up with his girlfriend because he wanted to live a more chaste life. 
One afternoon he looked at us and asked "What's the lesson today brothers?" We replied that there was none. (I know risky move) and he asked why. We replied there is nothing else you need to learn unless your willing to commit your life to Christ and be baptized. He looked and almost whispered it's too big of a commitment. So I replied "look at your life John your living our standards you don't drink, fornicate, or do drugs. you know that Joseph Smith is a prophet you said so yourself. All that is left is for you to commit to Christ and wield his banner!"
All he did was look at us. We sat there probably for ten minutes staring at each other. He opened his mouth. then took a deep breath and said "All I want is to feel clean! I go and do those old things and I feel dirty and they don't ever come off!" John was crying.
"I promise you will be clean and you will not fail that Christ will guide you and will support you!"  as my companion said these words the spirit flooded into the room.
John Anthony B. was baptised only a week later. then another week and was confirmed a member. he is clean and he has stated it several times. that day in that apartment it was NOT two young men that converted John. It was the Holy Ghost. no matter what words we can mutter it will not be enough. no matter how many doors we knock it will not be enough. only the spirit will truly convert.  

Elder Zachary David Daniel

NERF WAR!!!!!!! E-mail October, 31, 2011

Dear Family,
Bullets will be flying swords will be clashing.  There will be little blood it's war!!! Nerf war!!!!!!! So you heard right; we get basically all day off.   We are going to go destroy everyone for about a few hours.... sound fun... !  Well, this week was a crazy one.
On Saturday we did service for the members we live with.  We took out a tree for them. Ohh!! that was hard! I also went on back to back exchanges.  I went into the ASL area!!  We spent most of the day with the people in the branch.  It was an awesome experience!   Except for that, it was the usual week


Elder Zachary David Daniel

Soldiers of God! An Email - October 11, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,
So life here in the desert is going pretty well, it's not so super hot. It was in the 70's all last week umm perfect weather I would say. I'm totally excited for Meaghan to go into the MTC it's going to be sweet.  How did she find people that were going on the mission with her? Life for her will be crazy at the MTC, a comp a crazy awesome teacher. There is this member here who served his mission in Ukraine his name is Koa.  I know cool name!!!
Life as a district leader has been interesting.  I had to go on exchanges today, actually I will be going into La Quinta with Elder Larson he's only been out 3 months. We're going to  go service tracting; I wonder how well that will go.
So, for my responsibilities: I am over 5 other missionaries I'm supposed to help them and train them in their work, and be a guide for them so they can improve. One of the Elders, E. Given, is a ASL elder.  He knows sign language, how cool is that???  He's going to teach me how to say, winner winner chicken dinner in ASL. They are trying to start an ASL branch out here. We are looking for just one or two more deaf people to join the church!!  Keep your prayers with them!!!   Elder Larson is his companion and like I said they are serving in La Quinta.
 The next companionship is Elder Alvarez and Elder Dye! Although fairly Spanish sounding E. Alvarez is totally white, he is from Virginia and he's also only been out 3 months. I spent the day with him last week and all we did was tract all day, 6 hours. It stunk. I don't really know Dye that well, I think he's from Utah?? He's a nice guy and has a really cute sister I'm going to see if he will give me her address. I'm still concentrating on the work don't worry mom.
Then there is me and my comp. E. Christensen is from Idaho, Pocatello, he's a huge reader that's all he ever did back home and he is very knowledgeable. We have many differences but we are making  it through... everything  is OK. 
That's the district; today I gave a training on how we are Gods army and we need to support each other and help with the work.  Hopefully everything will go well. 

Elder Zachary David Daniel