Monday, May 14, 2012

E-mail - May 14, 2012

So it was great talking to everyone the Bishop thought John was
hilarious and then asked me if "he's always like that" I just sat there
and smiled. Just get gift cards to T. Bell and Pizza Hut. I love Pizza
Hut it is so amazing!!!
Well I hope everything is going good there...
About the teeth thing... we have a less active we visit in a trailer
park and whenever we go over she tells us how the government is messed
up and how we don't need health insurance or dental she always says 
"I have never been to a dentist my entire life and my teeth are
fine... they are not!!! The few she has left are black!!! It's super
gross. One day she gets into it. She is talking faster and faster and
I started scooting towards the other end of the couch and my comp is
sitting there trying to get involved in what she was saying.  Then
this spit comes flying out of her mouth and I can watch it floating
there in slow-mo just lobbing across the room and it nails my comp in
the eye and it takes every fiber of my being not to bust out
laughing... then she looks at him and says " honey I know our
government is a little bad, but it's no reason to cry. We went home and
my comp took a shower.
Well that's all I have time for. I love you and wish you the best.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

Another Week! E-mail -- May 7, 2012

 Well I'm in a car!!!! Hemet is really nice. We live in the nicest apartments in the whole city... that isn't really saying much though, we live by ourselves which is good but weird I haven't lived with just one other person in sooo long. We live about four miles outside of our area which kinda stinks we have to drive a little ways to get anywhere. I cover the "hick" area we have TONS of trailer parks and farms.
 About my letters to Meaghan did I not put your name on it?? I'm so confused, your address makes NO sense... I'm in Cali your gonna have to simplify things... and about skyping... I know where we are calling from and sometime after 2 o'clock my time so sometime around 5 o'clock your time.... now I don't know if I will actually be skyping or just calling; don't know if the member we will be going to has skype....  
 This week was interesting, we have a lot of people that wanted to meet me.. I don't know why but they freaked when they heard I was from Kentucky " We have never met a Kentuckian before!!!" so it was kinda cool. I went back to the desert, don't know if I ever told you about Chris Madson. He was one of my hardest investigators and he finally got baptized, it was sick. I spoke about baptism and didn't do horrible.
 So my birthday is coming up and I haven't really given it much thought... with me coming home soon I don't want you buying something big that will go to waste cuz I will only use it for a few months,maybe just hold off till I come home... 
 I don't know what else to say... I love you all, keep safe
Elder Zachary David Daniel

The Hardest Thing Ive Ever Had To Do‏! E-mail - April 30, 2012

Well I was transferred to Hemet... no more Dl, no more leadership at all. My new comps name is Elder LeVan pretty shy but seems OK (I've only known him a few hours) this is going to be short because the library is closing and some guy is singing really loud super LOUD!!!
Well I have to say Highland was my favorite area and I'm really gonna miss it. It was soooo hard to say goodbye to some people, especially the Sisters and the Henches. It was one of the Best districts I was in. Well this is most likely my last area and it looks really promising and... he has started dancing!!!!!!!! Well the area is looking good I have only met one member though a Recent Convert he was baptized like a week ago I  mistakenly thought his mom was his wife so I didn't have the greatest first impression....
I also have not yet unpacked.  I just can't do it... for whatever reason I don't know... well the library closes in like 10 minutes so I'll get going.  Love you all and hope things are going well. 

Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS The letters will not be sent back anymore it was the home share we were staying in.

13 Weeks! E-mail - April 23, 2012

Dear family,
Well first off mom, I  have no idea yet when I'm Skyping.  I  might get transferred this week (it looks high) so I'm waiting for transfer calls before I have all the info... my comp is fine we went to some doctors and they believe he is too stressed. I  wasn't surprised at all!!!! It has been difficult but there is only a week left. Elder Hench (one of the Senior missionaries) read my blog last week so if your reading this I'm going to be very careful with what I say...
We had interviews this last week and President and me had a really good one. We talked about the trunkiness thing and he gave me some good advice.
Well now, Meaghan a Senior comp, I remember when that responsibility fell on me.  It was about the same time as you when me and Fly whitewashed Redlands ahhh good memories... just remember this is your area you know it, even if you don't think you do. I can promise you that you do, don't let anything or anyone tell you  that you don't and don't  let it get you down. Work hard and it will get done. 
So other than that I don't know what else to say, it was a normal week. Well except for the fact that I never wanna ride a bike again.  Everyday I get more upset at that thing I don't even wanna look at it anymore... How am I gonna ship it home?? I have got to ship a lot of stuff home sooo I don't know how I'm going to do it.
BTW I  only have 13 weeks left, isn't that weird!!!
Well I hope all is good with you and Iwill talk to you next week... maybe somewhere new!!!!
Elder Zachary David Daniel

E-mail -- April 16, 2012

Well Meaghan wants me to stop talking about going home. Well I have a couple interesting stories to tell about going home then I'm done!!!!!!!!!!! So sister Tanner in our ward was really excited to feed us on Monday only because her Sons Mission President had sent her his info about coming home.... he arrives a week before me...  so we read her letter together and it was like torture... then she calculated how many days I  have left that was even more sad... so I have decided I'm not telling people I have been out for 21 months anymore... I'm going to lie!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I have been thinking about you picking me up and in the end  I just think it would be best for me to come without seeing you first... it's already becoming difficult for me to work with everyone talking about going home. Its just something I don't need and plus the longer you wait the happier you will be!!!
Well I spent the longest time in meetings on Friday, 8 hours and I  had to do the craziest practice session with Elder Alexander who just got unengaged don't ask how that happens, I  don't know. Then the next day I went to the ZL's place. They live in a mansion  and they sleep on queen sized temperpedic mattress's it is so nice, they also have their own workout room and an elevator to avoid the stairs... well it was a very interesting week to say the least.
.....  I have learned a lot about charity through this though.  Life is to short not to like someone or to hold bad feelings for people who have hurt you. In reality I  have changed so much in the past 21 months I'm not the same person I was before. The same things don't matter to me. I miss home but I would never go home early. I am sad. not for who I've become or that I'm away from home but because it took me so long to love someone because everyone is a child of god.
I love and miss you very much, but I'm on the Lords errand and I won't stop till all is done even in three months I won't be done for it won't be over not till all is said and done.
Love your son,

Elder Zachary David Daniel

MY LIST! E-mail - April 9, 2012

I really don't know what to say...
I played softball today, oh, OK,  I know what to talk about.. whew that was scary.. so my comp was sick for about 5 days; complete and absolute boredom!! I truly sat around the apartment and did almost nothing. Things are not going the best in our companionship.  It's tough to be with someone like that so late in your mission and it's been difficult to deal with this last week. It made things a little tough especially since my district is all Sisters.  I can't even do an emergency exchange and work with someone else... but I have exchanges with the ZL's this week and I'm going to their mansion!!! It's gonna be sick!!!! Plus I have a Leadership Meeting which lasts about ohh * hours they are super boring!!!
Received a letter from Dan a couple weeks back that was super awesome but also reminded me that I have got to start planning for my homecoming,  there is a lot I have got to do and only a month to do it... so I'm gonna make a list
!. visit Grandma
2. visit Daniel family
3. have super awesome pool party
4. go on a date
5. go to temple weekly
6. get car
7. get phone
8. visit old comps
9. go on road trip
10. go see a super awesome band in concert
11. hang out with friends
12. watch a lot of movies
13. read a lot of books
15. Go to baseball game w/ John
16. sleep
17 grow a beard
18 buy a hammock
19 eat lots of lasagna
Well, it might be a little early, but earlier the better.  It kinda stinks though because this is exactly not what I wanted to do... sometimes I feel like I can't control thinking about going home.. which stinks I miss home but I know the second I  get there I'm gonna miss being a missionary.  Its super tough, my bishop over the ward I'm serving in is really great though, he always gives me advice and cheers me up whether it is about companion problems or being trunkie. I'm getting my phone call soon to finalize everything so I'm gonna need to know the final plans.  What are we doing?  Are you picking me up?... Well I'm gonna get going!!!!!!!!

A New General Authority, A Hike And the 24th of July! E-mail April 2, 2012

So as my subject states, there were new general authorities, but want to know something crazy?? I know one of them!  Isn't that weird. You could say she was like another mother to me... the second counselor in the relief society was my last mission presidents wife, S. Reeves!!  So for my first mission reunion it will be crazy seeing her. We watched Gen. Con. at the stake center with all the missionaries so everybody freaked out... Read Meaghan's E-mail and it stinks that it's snowing there... if it makes you feel any better its like in the 80's nice and warm here....
Sister Schillemat was excited to hear that Meaghan might know one of her friends.  Its strange they were in the MTC together.  Although,  I think she was in the MTC before Meaghan... I don't know the whole language thing... confuses me... especially when you spend like a whole 3 months there... 3 weeks was enough for me!!
Well we went on a hike today all through the mountains around here.  I can't wait to go home,  I'm totally camping... even though I didn't go camping all the time,  I really miss it. It was like a three mile hike... I learned all about Hawaiian culture especially the Goddess Pele.  The two Hawaiians here say she is their favorite.  It's a very interesting culture  they have.  After about an hour into the hike the two of them started chanting to the sun and I was like what the heck are you guys doing and they were asking the sun to shade himself and the two seconds later a huge cloud shaded the sun... weird... they both smiled at me and told me not to tell anyone or Pele would destroy me.... if I somehow have an accident this week blame Pele it's all her fault!
Me and my comp don't always see eye to eye... which is kinda sad but transfers are in like three weeks and then I'm most likely gone... it's sad but everyone is telling me I'm a goner.  I have only two transfers after this so... that's a total of like 15 weeks left of my mission... that's not a lot actually that's really short I'm super freaked... only four months :( I thought I would be super excited but I'm super not excited!!  I have only one temple trip left and two interviews how weird is that!!! I  even have to get my temple recommend renewed... can you believe that... but no more talking about going home... I WILL NOT BE TRUNKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all,  will see you soon and can't wait to be home...
Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS  I go home the 24th of July!

i couldnt even start to explain‏! E-mail - March 26, 2012

Well I just finished reading Meaghan's E-mail and I have a question!!!!! Did you get my letters??? And can we shorten the address please, I'm so confused when I write to you cuz well I never know if it went to the right person, plus I might send a package I'm not sure. Will it be expensive????
So my week in Cali was a tough one I was sick from Thursday all the way to Sunday!!! It was horrible!!! Plus our first day out after I was feeling better, it rains.... the Sisters offered soup and ice cream.  I  should have said yes, but I didn't. My companion just got ...... so life will be very interesting for the next few days let me tell you that story...
  lets just say Elder Daniel will NEVER be a nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other than that, the normal riding our bikes up mountain like hills... talking to crazy people... being taught by by Jehovah Witnesses... just your regular... everyone is excited about me going home which is weird, you would hope they would be upset, but they are just happy for me.  Everyone asks what my plans are and I tell them I don't worry my moms definitely got it all planned :)
Do I need anything???   Food is always good, Kraft dinner or Reece's cups... gummy bears, ohh yeah; two things I love bears and gummy... I don't know what gummy really is... an in-n-out is opening right by us, I  feel so bad for Meaghan she will miss the greasy ketchuppy  thousand islandy goodness of in-n-out plus their milkshakes it's calling my name!!!!!!!!!!
Well,  I should get going, Love you all, hope Ukraine is nice... I might have told you about the Romanian and what she said about Ukraine in my last e-mail if not I will tell you next week!
Until then.....
Elder Zachary David Daniel