Monday, May 14, 2012

The Hardest Thing Ive Ever Had To Do‏! E-mail - April 30, 2012

Well I was transferred to Hemet... no more Dl, no more leadership at all. My new comps name is Elder LeVan pretty shy but seems OK (I've only known him a few hours) this is going to be short because the library is closing and some guy is singing really loud super LOUD!!!
Well I have to say Highland was my favorite area and I'm really gonna miss it. It was soooo hard to say goodbye to some people, especially the Sisters and the Henches. It was one of the Best districts I was in. Well this is most likely my last area and it looks really promising and... he has started dancing!!!!!!!! Well the area is looking good I have only met one member though a Recent Convert he was baptized like a week ago I  mistakenly thought his mom was his wife so I didn't have the greatest first impression....
I also have not yet unpacked.  I just can't do it... for whatever reason I don't know... well the library closes in like 10 minutes so I'll get going.  Love you all and hope things are going well. 

Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS The letters will not be sent back anymore it was the home share we were staying in.

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