Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Week! E-mail -- May 7, 2012

 Well I'm in a car!!!! Hemet is really nice. We live in the nicest apartments in the whole city... that isn't really saying much though, we live by ourselves which is good but weird I haven't lived with just one other person in sooo long. We live about four miles outside of our area which kinda stinks we have to drive a little ways to get anywhere. I cover the "hick" area we have TONS of trailer parks and farms.
 About my letters to Meaghan did I not put your name on it?? I'm so confused, your address makes NO sense... I'm in Cali your gonna have to simplify things... and about skyping... I know where we are calling from and sometime after 2 o'clock my time so sometime around 5 o'clock your time.... now I don't know if I will actually be skyping or just calling; don't know if the member we will be going to has skype....  
 This week was interesting, we have a lot of people that wanted to meet me.. I don't know why but they freaked when they heard I was from Kentucky " We have never met a Kentuckian before!!!" so it was kinda cool. I went back to the desert, don't know if I ever told you about Chris Madson. He was one of my hardest investigators and he finally got baptized, it was sick. I spoke about baptism and didn't do horrible.
 So my birthday is coming up and I haven't really given it much thought... with me coming home soon I don't want you buying something big that will go to waste cuz I will only use it for a few months,maybe just hold off till I come home... 
 I don't know what else to say... I love you all, keep safe
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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