Monday, May 14, 2012

MY LIST! E-mail - April 9, 2012

I really don't know what to say...
I played softball today, oh, OK,  I know what to talk about.. whew that was scary.. so my comp was sick for about 5 days; complete and absolute boredom!! I truly sat around the apartment and did almost nothing. Things are not going the best in our companionship.  It's tough to be with someone like that so late in your mission and it's been difficult to deal with this last week. It made things a little tough especially since my district is all Sisters.  I can't even do an emergency exchange and work with someone else... but I have exchanges with the ZL's this week and I'm going to their mansion!!! It's gonna be sick!!!! Plus I have a Leadership Meeting which lasts about ohh * hours they are super boring!!!
Received a letter from Dan a couple weeks back that was super awesome but also reminded me that I have got to start planning for my homecoming,  there is a lot I have got to do and only a month to do it... so I'm gonna make a list
!. visit Grandma
2. visit Daniel family
3. have super awesome pool party
4. go on a date
5. go to temple weekly
6. get car
7. get phone
8. visit old comps
9. go on road trip
10. go see a super awesome band in concert
11. hang out with friends
12. watch a lot of movies
13. read a lot of books
15. Go to baseball game w/ John
16. sleep
17 grow a beard
18 buy a hammock
19 eat lots of lasagna
Well, it might be a little early, but earlier the better.  It kinda stinks though because this is exactly not what I wanted to do... sometimes I feel like I can't control thinking about going home.. which stinks I miss home but I know the second I  get there I'm gonna miss being a missionary.  Its super tough, my bishop over the ward I'm serving in is really great though, he always gives me advice and cheers me up whether it is about companion problems or being trunkie. I'm getting my phone call soon to finalize everything so I'm gonna need to know the final plans.  What are we doing?  Are you picking me up?... Well I'm gonna get going!!!!!!!!

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