Monday, May 14, 2012

A New General Authority, A Hike And the 24th of July! E-mail April 2, 2012

So as my subject states, there were new general authorities, but want to know something crazy?? I know one of them!  Isn't that weird. You could say she was like another mother to me... the second counselor in the relief society was my last mission presidents wife, S. Reeves!!  So for my first mission reunion it will be crazy seeing her. We watched Gen. Con. at the stake center with all the missionaries so everybody freaked out... Read Meaghan's E-mail and it stinks that it's snowing there... if it makes you feel any better its like in the 80's nice and warm here....
Sister Schillemat was excited to hear that Meaghan might know one of her friends.  Its strange they were in the MTC together.  Although,  I think she was in the MTC before Meaghan... I don't know the whole language thing... confuses me... especially when you spend like a whole 3 months there... 3 weeks was enough for me!!
Well we went on a hike today all through the mountains around here.  I can't wait to go home,  I'm totally camping... even though I didn't go camping all the time,  I really miss it. It was like a three mile hike... I learned all about Hawaiian culture especially the Goddess Pele.  The two Hawaiians here say she is their favorite.  It's a very interesting culture  they have.  After about an hour into the hike the two of them started chanting to the sun and I was like what the heck are you guys doing and they were asking the sun to shade himself and the two seconds later a huge cloud shaded the sun... weird... they both smiled at me and told me not to tell anyone or Pele would destroy me.... if I somehow have an accident this week blame Pele it's all her fault!
Me and my comp don't always see eye to eye... which is kinda sad but transfers are in like three weeks and then I'm most likely gone... it's sad but everyone is telling me I'm a goner.  I have only two transfers after this so... that's a total of like 15 weeks left of my mission... that's not a lot actually that's really short I'm super freaked... only four months :( I thought I would be super excited but I'm super not excited!!  I have only one temple trip left and two interviews how weird is that!!! I  even have to get my temple recommend renewed... can you believe that... but no more talking about going home... I WILL NOT BE TRUNKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all,  will see you soon and can't wait to be home...
Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS  I go home the 24th of July!

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