Monday, May 14, 2012

i couldnt even start to explain‏! E-mail - March 26, 2012

Well I just finished reading Meaghan's E-mail and I have a question!!!!! Did you get my letters??? And can we shorten the address please, I'm so confused when I write to you cuz well I never know if it went to the right person, plus I might send a package I'm not sure. Will it be expensive????
So my week in Cali was a tough one I was sick from Thursday all the way to Sunday!!! It was horrible!!! Plus our first day out after I was feeling better, it rains.... the Sisters offered soup and ice cream.  I  should have said yes, but I didn't. My companion just got ...... so life will be very interesting for the next few days let me tell you that story...
  lets just say Elder Daniel will NEVER be a nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other than that, the normal riding our bikes up mountain like hills... talking to crazy people... being taught by by Jehovah Witnesses... just your regular... everyone is excited about me going home which is weird, you would hope they would be upset, but they are just happy for me.  Everyone asks what my plans are and I tell them I don't worry my moms definitely got it all planned :)
Do I need anything???   Food is always good, Kraft dinner or Reece's cups... gummy bears, ohh yeah; two things I love bears and gummy... I don't know what gummy really is... an in-n-out is opening right by us, I  feel so bad for Meaghan she will miss the greasy ketchuppy  thousand islandy goodness of in-n-out plus their milkshakes it's calling my name!!!!!!!!!!
Well,  I should get going, Love you all, hope Ukraine is nice... I might have told you about the Romanian and what she said about Ukraine in my last e-mail if not I will tell you next week!
Until then.....
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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