Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hells Kitchen with Santa, Rain, and the coldest place in So Cal‏! E-mail - March 19, 2012

Well,as my subject states, it's been an interesting week...
It all started with my comp saying it's the last week of the transfer; something crazy is gonna happen!! Well good job Kozub!!!
The next day we were riding down freakishly big hills... HUGE HILLS... when Kozub yells AHHHHHH I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!! I look behind me and he is holding on for dear life. Later on we find out that his sprocket is broken... it's what the chain hooks on to the crank (maybe I will be a bicycle mechanic) well it was totally broken, so we borrowed our Bishops bike... the day we borrow, it he crashes into me and breaks the Bishops bike!!!!
So, I pleaded that the week would get normal, but it didn't. It started to rain for three days!!!! That's a big deal out here (remember I'm in So Cal) plus our heater in our home share is broken and it was 32 degrees.  It could snow in our house!!  Our home share the Devitas asked me to fix the furnace because I'm so good with that kind of stuff ( I totally laughed when they said that) it took two electricians (one the Bishop of our ward) a soccer coach (high priest group leader) and a Mormon missionary (me) to find out we had no idea what is wrong!!!!! So, we called an electric company and we are still without heat!!!!
"Hells Kitchen"  was interesting... our High Priests Group was doing a social, a potato bar, and they asked for some help. I  had told my comp that my old nickname was Potato Pete and the next thing I know we are standing in a kitchen peeling potatoes.... the man in charge, Bro. Coleman a.k.a. Santa ( he plays Santa during the holiday season and looks exactly like him) was extremely mean and no one wanted to be there.  He started getting mad at us for whistling... but  I got to eat three baked potato's and I was stuffed.
Well, I have to go, I'm going to do the test sometime this week at our Bishops house and that major is totally fine...

Love you,
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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