Monday, March 19, 2012

A snowball fight in SO CAL‏ March 5, 2012

Congrats to Meaghan!!!!  I hope you enjoy "the" Ukraine. All my ward members say good luck and one thing of advice; buy a new coat when you get there. They say that most likely your coat will not be warm enough... I  have no idea though, it's never cold here... Well, I never got pics of Virginia, but that's OK. It's weird to think you have only a year left, wow!!! I only have like 5 months left almost 4, how weird is that?? I'm about to go home and sleep in my own bed...
I know what you all  are thinking... How in the world did you have a snowball fight in So Cal? Well, our ZL's drove up the mountain and filled the bed of their truck with snow, then the Yucaipa ZL's did the same.  It was Redlands vs Yucaipa and it was crazy. We buried one of there ZL's in the snow in our truck and called it a victory! Many lives were lost (elders got too cold and quit) but in the end we stayed true and defeated Yucaipa what a great day.
On Saturday I did service with a ward member for 4 hours. We replaced part of a fence, so now I know how to do it. If you want one, it was a lot of work and the member said if there was four of us it would've taken under an hour... we should have asked for help.  
It's been a difficult week, my comp was sick like 3 days, then when he got to feeling better, my bike broke of my ZL's   asked where I got my bike and when I told him Joels; he said that a lot of his bikes break easily. He has to fix his bike more than me and it's still in bad shape... he also told me my comp is infamous for faking sick and he's been sick every week of the transfer so far. It's difficult to determine whether he is really sick or faking. 
Sorry, but I'm running out of time.
I love you all hope everything is OK... I heard about all the Tornadoes... 
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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