Monday, March 19, 2012

An Email - March 12, 2012

Well, it's been one long week.  It's good to hear that Megs got to Ukraine alright...
It's strange to think back to when I  first arrived in Cali and was like, what the freak is this... I never thought I would get used to the smog, but I don't even see it any more... I figured out this week that the church's have something in Kentucky that they don't have in Cali... coat closets. It took me almost 20 months to realize that there isn't a single one here..
I am kinda excited about school. I'm mostly nervous. I think it's strange going from Mormon Missionary to Mormon student... I'm not used to living in a Mormon culture. It's gonna be weird, plus this whole finding an eternal companion is weird... its weird to think I can date again... to say the least, I'm scared. Truthfully, the Mission isn't that difficult. You do get difficult companions and hard people to teach, but it's weird because your like an icon to people, all the members love you, and you have all this responsibility and that's all going away in like almost 4 months... that's not long at all!!!!!!!!
I didn't mean for my email this week to be a pity party... we had a good week ...kinda. we had a baptism, but she moved the day of her baptism out of the mission sooo it's weird... we got in a huge argument with her roommate because we were helping her move and we didn't know her roommate knew nothing of the situation, so she called the cops on us and it was weird... don't worry mom we didn't get into any trouble. When the police showed up he thought it was funny that any one would call because of Moromon Missionaries and he told us we were doing nothing wrong...
We also did a day of service, which was cool. We biked around in our service clothes and offered help to everyone... we didn't do much service, but more people were open with us when we were not in white shirts and ties...
It's weird because there is a Sister Jacobsen in our mission, Megs. Your comp might be related to her, but I don't really know Sister Jacobsen.. tell you the truth she kind of scares me...
Well I don't know what else to say, I hope everything is going well. See most of you soon, sorry not you Meaghan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Zachary David Daniel
p.s. has anyone done the plane thingy to you  yet Meaghan?????? Are there a lot of planes in Ukraine? Is it a third world country??

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