Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Week in Perris, CA Email - May 23, 2011

So,  yes,  it's my birthday this week; number 20; no special plans, just going to work as regular.   I got Meaghan's package in the mail and John's card.  It's weird they both had pictures of monkeys on them...!

 We got lost in our area this week, a three hour bike ride!  I was quite upset, even worse we got lost in a giant field!  Nothing much else going on.  Sent you some pics.  Enjoy!


Elder Zachary David Daniel

Quick One Email - May 16, 2011

Dear Mom,

Just sending a quick email during a zone activity;  (rubber band war).   I do have hot water now and  you can send the package to the apartment address.  Not much else is going on.

You'll never believe this!   My current Bishop,   Bishop Falk is from, GUESS WHERE??
Lemmon, South Dakota!  He said there was a Branch there once with 8 members.

I gotta go!

Love you,

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Email - Short Note Day After Phone Call May 9, 2011

Hey Guys,
 Don't have much to say seeing we just talked last night. All is good, Elder Judd got here pretty early; like    8:30 AM.  Don't have any really big plans.  We are getting our apartment tomorrow so that will be good.
Life seems to carry on as normal.   Looks like we might get some rain. The other Elder had about the same luck with skype as I did, so he ended up not using the camera.  It was a little disappointing. 
I don't know what else to say,  I'm pretty excited for the b-day!   I hope all is well and everyone is doing OK.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

Monday, May 2, 2011

Back To Menifee! Monday - May 2, 2011

Dear Mom, John and Meaghan,
Well, as the subject states it,  I'm going back to Menifee,  The Lake Peris Ward.  I will serve for a week with Elder Maddy and Elder Peralta, he is from Nicaragua(spelling?) then Elder Judd will come over and we'll still be comps. It's going to be weird leaving, only being here 2 weeks. I found something interesting in my studies; D&C 61:30, duh! I'm going to make you look it up!  Also, the whole chapter is pretty interesting, you guys should read it and tell me what you think.  I have had some pretty interesting responses the last couple of days about it.
I am no longer a Trainer, I'm  just a regular Missionary again, it's nice having no responsibility except for my investigators . so life is good!  I finally finished Jesus the Christ. I'm still reading in the Old Testament and the POGP and I have read all the standard works through.  Next I'm going straight through PMG and I'll have completed the entire Mission Library.
So everyone is talking about Tornadoes! Did you guys get hit by any?  Are you alright?  
I don't know where or when we will be skyping for Mothers Day, all I know is that we're supposed to do it.  I leave for Lake Peris tomorrow at 9 at night.  It's going to be weird!  I've never left so late.  The lady at the computer next to me is looking at inappropriate pictures and its really weird!!! She stopped. Good by the way it is HOT here like I'm wishing for Clouds not Rain because that hurts when you're on bike. By the way I found all these smiley faces aren't they cool!!!   I don't know what this one is though.  It's so sweet!  I  technology 
Well, I'm sorry for getting off track like that.  Life is all good.  It will be nice to see you in a week and to get my package. OH SNAP!!!!! That's what I forgot!  I got your package with the shirt and the cookies and such!  Don't know where it went, since you had mailed it over one month ago!  Well, I have to get going because its time for us to leave.  Bye!

Elder Zachary David Daniel