Thursday, August 18, 2011

LEWIS!!! E-mail August 15, 2011

Well, thank you mom, all your emails came through today, so I got the same message about four times!!!  LOL!  But I really appreciate the care. I also received the package and the card; thank you so much!!!
This week was pretty uneventful with the exception that I had an exchange with the Spanish Elders so I put my 7 words of Spanish to good use by trying my hardest not to sleep. The family we stay with is pretty nice they have been through a lot. Obviously there is a mom and dad, then they have two boys and three girls that live at home. The oldest boy Bacon (name is really Kendall) has a mild autism but is super good at board games!   Then they have a daughter named Michelle but she's like 15, so we never see her (were not allowed). Then they have a 12 year old daughter, McKenzie; she has a missionary jar that's her life goal (she kinda reminds me of Meaghan), then there's the nine year old Rosie, she is in love with Elder McKee and he gets embarrassed when I bring it up, so I bring it up all the time. Finally there's Preston who is eight; he is like any little brother I imagine and just tries to be like us in every way (even to the point where one day he put on his white shirt and clip on tie and decided that he would spend the day with us).
That's the family, they are a great group of people that have been through a lot. A couple of years ago Sister Lewis got breast cancer; she lived but it was scary for all the kids. Then about two months ago they found a 25 pound tumor in Brother Lewis's stomach.  He was in a coma about two weeks. They spoke in church yesterday about all the help they received and how grateful they were.   It surprised me a little  how people have such small reasons for leaving the church; yet a family like this who have had so many trials; all of them are active and have testimonies.
Although some of us have lives where our testimonies seem not to bee easily dismantled, the Lewis family like Joseph Smith, I know,  would need the gates of hell to open before any one of them would deny that Jesus is the Christ and Joseph Smith was a prophet. What a great example they are to me and I hope they can be too many others

Elder Zachary David Daniel

SCOOP BALL!! E-mail August 8, 2011

Another week has gone by!!!!
So here's my news after my "outstanding" talk in Parkview Ward the Palm Dessert Ward has asked me and my Companion to speak, and yet again my Companion was mad!!   I am speaking last again! This week was just a normal one;  we are teaching this man named Chris.  I don't know if I told you, but he is super loaded (I probably shouldn't have said that) he has 4 Harley's, he's a real nice guy, but is only taking the lessons because of his wife, but he did state that baptism was in his future, and that he wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
Well, we played a game called scoop ball today.  It was tons of fun, my team won 8-5.  I was goally and received a few punishing blows!!!   Well, my last e-mail failed and I lost over half my e-mail; it was basically about the family I live with now that I'm in a home share.  I don't have much time to say other things, send my love to all  --
Elder Zachary David Daniel

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why? What A Great Question.... E-mail August 1, 2011

Well another week has come and gone and I can say it was an interesting one...
I got to see my families bucket lists and I was really surprised by what I saw.  One even highlighted a gospel principle I was thinking of sharing. As many of you know, yesterday I spoke in one of my wards (yes that's a plural... not wives, wards  (LOL)).  My topic was building and retaining a testimony.  I was told it was a 15 minute talk, then when I got to church I looked at the program (yes I'll send it to you mom) and my name was last!!!!! So the Bishop asked me right there to do 25 minutes.  My companion almost fell over with laughter. Well, I did it and I'm still alive.  However, the great story of the week is this.
While tracting, me and my comp ran into a guy who decided he knew more about the "Mormon" church; more than two Mormon missionaries. Well, he was wrong, but I won't get into that. One thing he told us was that God didn't have a body and the resurrection wasn't real. So we discussed how we know God does have a body (Joseph Smiths vision) and how we knew we would receive one. Well, all that is truly unimportant what makes sense is this. If God has a body and we want to be like God (not BE God) we would need to be like him.  We would need to gain our bodies again just like Jesus Christ did. When we told the man this he stood there and asked. Why?
Why? is such a great question!!! I felt giddy just beginning to type my response to the question. First lets answer a question with some more questions. Why did Jesus come to the Earth? Why, when in the garden did he suffer so much pain; he bleed from every pore, even though he could quit at any moment? Why would Christ the Savior of the World only go to Jerusalem? ( He didn't by the way).  There is only one answer to all these questions. LOVE. Love is a weird thing,  it makes people do things they would never imagine. Why do 20 year old men and women take one and a half to two years of there lives and go talk to people they never met about  the gospel of Christ?   Because they love those people even though they may never even know their names or spend more than 5 minutes with them. We are all brothers and sisters spiritually and physically. We all come from Adam and Eve!! Why should we not just stop these crazy things forget about what race or religion or country we are or are from, or if were straight or homosexual and just Love each other? If someone is over on the other side of the street help them. If someone is crying give them a shoulder. It's time we forget politics and just cared for each other. 
I am so grateful for a mother who always cared for me even if I didn't see it. For a step-father who was there even if he didn't have to be, a sister who was a great example even if I didn't give  her credit. Life is short write a list 50 things you want to do then you'll see like I have; you're a wonderful child of God. 
"Adam fell that men might be, and men are to have joy"
Be Joyful ......Smile :)
Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S. thanks for the lists

President and Sister Smart

Elder Zachary Daniel with his new Mission President and his wife.  President and Sister Smart.  Sister Smart has started a blog for the Riverside CA Mission;