Thursday, August 18, 2011

SCOOP BALL!! E-mail August 8, 2011

Another week has gone by!!!!
So here's my news after my "outstanding" talk in Parkview Ward the Palm Dessert Ward has asked me and my Companion to speak, and yet again my Companion was mad!!   I am speaking last again! This week was just a normal one;  we are teaching this man named Chris.  I don't know if I told you, but he is super loaded (I probably shouldn't have said that) he has 4 Harley's, he's a real nice guy, but is only taking the lessons because of his wife, but he did state that baptism was in his future, and that he wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
Well, we played a game called scoop ball today.  It was tons of fun, my team won 8-5.  I was goally and received a few punishing blows!!!   Well, my last e-mail failed and I lost over half my e-mail; it was basically about the family I live with now that I'm in a home share.  I don't have much time to say other things, send my love to all  --
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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