Thursday, August 18, 2011

LEWIS!!! E-mail August 15, 2011

Well, thank you mom, all your emails came through today, so I got the same message about four times!!!  LOL!  But I really appreciate the care. I also received the package and the card; thank you so much!!!
This week was pretty uneventful with the exception that I had an exchange with the Spanish Elders so I put my 7 words of Spanish to good use by trying my hardest not to sleep. The family we stay with is pretty nice they have been through a lot. Obviously there is a mom and dad, then they have two boys and three girls that live at home. The oldest boy Bacon (name is really Kendall) has a mild autism but is super good at board games!   Then they have a daughter named Michelle but she's like 15, so we never see her (were not allowed). Then they have a 12 year old daughter, McKenzie; she has a missionary jar that's her life goal (she kinda reminds me of Meaghan), then there's the nine year old Rosie, she is in love with Elder McKee and he gets embarrassed when I bring it up, so I bring it up all the time. Finally there's Preston who is eight; he is like any little brother I imagine and just tries to be like us in every way (even to the point where one day he put on his white shirt and clip on tie and decided that he would spend the day with us).
That's the family, they are a great group of people that have been through a lot. A couple of years ago Sister Lewis got breast cancer; she lived but it was scary for all the kids. Then about two months ago they found a 25 pound tumor in Brother Lewis's stomach.  He was in a coma about two weeks. They spoke in church yesterday about all the help they received and how grateful they were.   It surprised me a little  how people have such small reasons for leaving the church; yet a family like this who have had so many trials; all of them are active and have testimonies.
Although some of us have lives where our testimonies seem not to bee easily dismantled, the Lewis family like Joseph Smith, I know,  would need the gates of hell to open before any one of them would deny that Jesus is the Christ and Joseph Smith was a prophet. What a great example they are to me and I hope they can be too many others

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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