Monday, September 19, 2011

Craziest Week Of My Life E-mail August 22, 2011

Oh yes it was that crazy let us begin!!

Sometimes parents (Mom's)  feel the need to edit posts... Yes, needless to say Elder Daniel had a "crazy" week.  But he is doing well and with prayer and guidance he continues to make righteous decisions.  I will quote the last paragraph from his e-mail.

 "Well I think it shows you that Satan is out there.  He is not just after the Missionaries or the Investigators he's after everyone  It was  a crazy week,  if it sounds crazy just try living it. As more time goes by I see the  need in learning the basics. I remember being in church or school or band and thinking why the basics;  I think we get it, but as I look back if it wasn't the basics,  I would have got seriously lost.

 BTW,  My Canadian companion, Elder McKee was also transferred to Menifee this week."

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