Monday, September 19, 2011

Elsid Campeador‏ Email September 6, 2011

"His name is Elsid and he's in room 208." it was a simple statement that would end up being one of those memories you never forget. He was a sick man who wished to get a blessing. the Elders received a call from him and they called us. So,  I looked at my companion "what do you think?" he shrugged his shoulders. He isn't one of many words. So I directed him towards the hospital. Then we arrived and walked up to the desk. "Hey Elders" the security guard knew who we were and seeing the new Elder immediately started telling us he wasn't interested in hearing our message. We go there a lot.
"What's the name Daniel" he didn't even have to look on my name tag. While he brought up my record there. It's a nice hospital. "umm... Elsid Campa.. something?" the nurse at the computer laughed and made some comment about how we were usually more organized than that. Then she told us he doesn't exist. That no one by anything like that was staying at the hospital. That was a first for me, usually we have no problems. So we tried to find a solution. We were about to leave when she asked if we had a room number. yep 208.
"uh-oh. you guys don't want to go there, let me call for you." she called and asked if there was a patient by that name,said uh-huh a couple of times and said follow me Elders.  We walked through the hospital and took an elevator to the second floor, walked a little down the hall and stopped at a large door with windows in it and a phone right next to it. She told us to pick it up then talk to the nurse.  I looked through the window there were a bunch of people in their rooms and everything looked normal. So why was everyone acting weird. I looked at my comp "you ready for this?" he shrugged. few words that's how he is. So I picked up the phone it rang once "we're coming" that was all the voice said on the other line. So we waited and saw a security officer and a nurse coming towards us.  They asked us why we were here, and we told them.  They asked how the patient contacted us and we told them. They informed us that we could come back in an hour. So we started to leave, then I asked what all the hush hush was about. Then the nurse turned to me and said "honey this is the psych ward these people are crazy they'll hurt you" I almost pooped my pants I was so scared. We came back in an hour and gave the man a blessing.  It really  was ok! 
 Well, I love you all and I hope you think its an interesting story. If I had more time I would go into a little more detail.
One of  John's former companions is not in the Ward, but his brother is..... more to come. 
Much Love,
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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