Monday, May 14, 2012

E-mail -- April 16, 2012

Well Meaghan wants me to stop talking about going home. Well I have a couple interesting stories to tell about going home then I'm done!!!!!!!!!!! So sister Tanner in our ward was really excited to feed us on Monday only because her Sons Mission President had sent her his info about coming home.... he arrives a week before me...  so we read her letter together and it was like torture... then she calculated how many days I  have left that was even more sad... so I have decided I'm not telling people I have been out for 21 months anymore... I'm going to lie!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I have been thinking about you picking me up and in the end  I just think it would be best for me to come without seeing you first... it's already becoming difficult for me to work with everyone talking about going home. Its just something I don't need and plus the longer you wait the happier you will be!!!
Well I spent the longest time in meetings on Friday, 8 hours and I  had to do the craziest practice session with Elder Alexander who just got unengaged don't ask how that happens, I  don't know. Then the next day I went to the ZL's place. They live in a mansion  and they sleep on queen sized temperpedic mattress's it is so nice, they also have their own workout room and an elevator to avoid the stairs... well it was a very interesting week to say the least.
.....  I have learned a lot about charity through this though.  Life is to short not to like someone or to hold bad feelings for people who have hurt you. In reality I  have changed so much in the past 21 months I'm not the same person I was before. The same things don't matter to me. I miss home but I would never go home early. I am sad. not for who I've become or that I'm away from home but because it took me so long to love someone because everyone is a child of god.
I love and miss you very much, but I'm on the Lords errand and I won't stop till all is done even in three months I won't be done for it won't be over not till all is said and done.
Love your son,

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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