Friday, November 18, 2011

Anything to feel clean‏ E-mail October 17, 2011

Yesterday I confirmed someone a member of the church it was kinda freaky!! After he talked a little about how the gospel effected him. I wish to tell you a little of his story.
John B. was a regular guy; 19 worked for Verizon, had a cute girlfriend and when he heard a missionary say "Christ has come to the Americas and will come again!!" it spiked his interests. America where does it say that in the bible he thought, but it felt right; why wouldn't Christ come here? We are his children as well! So he decided to hear more about it from the missionaries. That's when Elder Alexander called us. We got his address and went to visit. 
"Guys, I don't wanna convert I just wanna know a little more." That was the line that he probably used the most as he talked to us about his life. He found out that his parents were actually members, but that they had died in a car crash.  If that had never happened he would have grown up a member. He had not though and we continued teaching more and more and John kept changing more and more.  He broke up with his girlfriend because he wanted to live a more chaste life. 
One afternoon he looked at us and asked "What's the lesson today brothers?" We replied that there was none. (I know risky move) and he asked why. We replied there is nothing else you need to learn unless your willing to commit your life to Christ and be baptized. He looked and almost whispered it's too big of a commitment. So I replied "look at your life John your living our standards you don't drink, fornicate, or do drugs. you know that Joseph Smith is a prophet you said so yourself. All that is left is for you to commit to Christ and wield his banner!"
All he did was look at us. We sat there probably for ten minutes staring at each other. He opened his mouth. then took a deep breath and said "All I want is to feel clean! I go and do those old things and I feel dirty and they don't ever come off!" John was crying.
"I promise you will be clean and you will not fail that Christ will guide you and will support you!"  as my companion said these words the spirit flooded into the room.
John Anthony B. was baptised only a week later. then another week and was confirmed a member. he is clean and he has stated it several times. that day in that apartment it was NOT two young men that converted John. It was the Holy Ghost. no matter what words we can mutter it will not be enough. no matter how many doors we knock it will not be enough. only the spirit will truly convert.  

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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