Friday, November 25, 2011

16 down 8 left‏ E-mail Tuesday, November 21, 2011

Well,  I'm waiting for my mother to respond to my earlier email and I only have 28 minutes to wait so I thought I'd start my email to you, ohhh let me start off right...
Dear family friends and anyone else who seems to be reading at the time,
Well it looks like I will be in the desert 6 months, wow... I remember the days a few months ago where you would walk outside and your comps bike was melting in the heat or you would spit and the saliva would almost dry up before it hit the ground... now the weather is perfect!  I do believe God is blessing me for not going home.. that thought came when we tracted for 2 hours in almost 122 degree weather!!! without water (big mistake).
Well, it's almost Thanks Giving and a man in one of our meetings said that his family each says two things they are grateful for each week until Christmas so... I will do the same.
1. The gospel (for without it I would be lost)!
2. Money (for without it I would be broke)!
Now because I feel like giving you a challenge (I do this a lot as a district leader) I challenge each of you to do the same here are the rules!!!
1. Every week you come up with 2 things you're grateful for
2. No repeats
3 If you have a repeat the next week you have to do an extra thing
It's simple and it will be very interesting. So me and my comp are not doing any better.  I think he is depressed and I am really having a tough time.  We talked to President about it, and in his great wisdom we are spending another six weeks together.  It will be interesting. As being a district leader it is going well, I'll be a district leader until the President says otherwise, mom, so he could send me somewhere else and still make me a district leader or maybe a regular missionary again, I don't know.
If I have learned one thing from this area it's how awesome God is. I sometimes think that he just loves us and that  it is so easy for him, but I think I see more clearly how hard that must be, when his children don't care enough to even say he exists or to break his commandments with no care. I know that God lives he loves us so much he sent his son to suffer and die for us.  The atonement is the greatest and last sacrifice of all mankind.
I love you!

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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