Friday, November 18, 2011

Shoes!!! E-mail November 14, 2011

Dear Mom and John,
So, as I said last week I need new shoes; but don't bother, a man in the ward bought me a pair. It was so awkward.... I was like crying and stuff (there super expensive( he owns his own business) I asked him why and he said he would want the same for his son.
Well, this week is transfers as you know are you ready...... I'm staying with Elder Christensen until after Christmas. It's been kinda crazy, no one in my district is leaving... which means I still get to practice my sign language.... yeah!!!
Meaghan's in the MTC, what an experience!!   I liked the pics, they were nice. The desert has been really nice these last few days, mid 70s all sunny.  Saturday it rained which was nice. We did an all day service project which was interesting. I was standing in the rain in only my hoodie and some shorts; it was pretty miserable. Don't know if I ever told you about the Smith family... they are this awesome family; both the parents served in the Cincinatti Mission in the 80s.   They showed us this video of them in Cincy and guess what???   They took the Anderson ferry into Kentucky... it looked so similar!   It was crazy.
We have been having a difficult time finding new investigators. It has been real tough.  There is no place to tract out here because of all the gated communities. Do you want to  know something crazy John???   I am teaching your old comps nephew and his non-member wife... how weird is that!!!
I told you about John B. the young man I confirmed a member.. well he is struggling a little.   Life has really been tough for him, but man has he changed! I sometimes can't believe the impact of the gospel on peoples lives. John is willing to do anything to please his Father in heaven.  How wonderful is that.  We tell him that his Father in heaven wishes for him to do something and all he says is of course I will. I think how many of us hear that we need to do something and instead of John's "I will attitude" we think why? That is a habit that I myself am trying to break.  To stop saying why and just to go and do.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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