Sunday, August 22, 2010

July 18, 2010- The Open House

On Sunday evening, July18th the Hebron ward and Zach's close high school friends packed into our home to say goodbye and wish him well. Some had advice, including my husband, his stepdad John who wrote and recited his traditional poem. Backstory: My husband writes roses are red poems for every major event in our family (i.e. major birthdays, weddings, graduation, etc.). Here's a copy:

Elder Daniel

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Zachary David Daniel
It's now time for you
To follow the others
And be on your way
Your mission awaits you
It's finally your day.
You've prepared for years
And that day is now here
So off to the MTC
And be of good cheer!
Your mom will miss you
And I will too
Who'll do the lessons
When Home Teaching is due?
They said riding a bike
Would be your downfall
But you practiced doing that
Now you ride straight and tall.
Nothing can stop you
You're sly as a fox
Not even that old
Stinkin' brick mailbox!!
So pack up your bags
With scriptures and then some
From this day forward
It's California here I come!
-John Wells

Zach was overwhelmed by the love and support in the room. I know that he has grown up with all of you and loves you all deeply. Here's some fun pictures!
Cake for the event, it was gone pretty quick!
Zach before all the guests got here.
Zach with Randy, Sam, and Hunter. Randy is currently serving in Sacramento. He entered the MTC just two weeks after Zach and is in the same state!
 The Hebron Ward Crew! From left to right, Ben, Ci, Zach, Brooklyn, Keith, Kayla, and Renee.

Thank you for everything!

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