Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Email- August 16, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

I arrived in California on Tuesday after a short plane ride. While going down the escalator I saw Pres. and Sis. Reeves (two of the nicest people ever). 
All ten of us had interviews and got to look at "The Board". It shows all the missionaries and their campanions so we all could see where we were going. Out of the ten of us, four were getting cars (two elders and both sisters). By the way, when we got out of the airport and asked why it was so foggy Pres. Reeves laughed and told me thats not fog its smog.  My jaw dropped. But back to the story. We were all sitting in the living room of the mission home waiting to find out who our new companions were and whether or not we got cars. First was Elder Kirk (my MTC companion) who went to Temecula (a bike mission). 
Then sitting in my seat, freaking out they called Elder Potter and announced his companion would be... ME!! So we sat down next to each other and he told me we have a truck. CHA-CHING!! But after I figured out why I wasn't the happiest camper, we have two wards! That's 6 hours of Church! It actually isn't that bad. I am in the Redlands 2nd ward and the YSA (Young Single Adults) Ward.
So I've got real good news, on Saturday, I had my first 3 baptisms I thought it didn't count as my number but Elder Potter says it does, did I mention he's the Zone Leader. I live in an apartment with another set of missionaries (Elder Stevens & Elder Hasnaker), Elder Stevens is my district leader.
I've met some really intresting people so far and food, by the way you've never had Mexican food until a mexican cooks it. I've never had so much spicy food in my life!! The most recent spiritual thing I can share was last night at the Caldera home.

The Caldera family is a pretty wealthy, nice, Catholic family. They have strong testimonies and truly believe in the Catholic Religion, but me and Elder Potter have changed that a little. After meeting them once weeks ago Elder Potter dropped of a DVD of the Restoration. Well we revisited them last night and they said they were feeling guilty about meeting with us. After a small conversation Elder Potter asked if they watched the DVD. The wife had but not the rest of the family (two daughters and her husband) we asked what she liked and she told us that it was true and she knew it, but she wouldn't accept it. Mrs. Caldera is too scared of her Catholic church to say she knows it's true. What a sad night.
Tracting is great and horrible I now have a fear of dogs and guns. Every home in our mission has dogs and there all pretty big and vicious looking and many houses have signs that read. "I don't call 911 I have a gun". Not fun to look at I did however have my first succesful door approach got a lesson scheduled for Tuesday.
Well I hope all is well I will write next Monday
Much Love,

Elder Zachary David Daniel

We were excited to learn where Zach is serving, John especially was excited because his father lived there and has friends in the area. Although Zachary is not in the same ward as John's late father was.

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