Sunday, August 22, 2010

July 21, 2010- Leaving for the MTC in Provo, UT

John and I brought Zach to the airport for the first flight of the day to Salt Lake City. Lucky John's a pilot and came with us through the airport! After problems with my ticket, we ended up at the gate just in time for boarding, so despite our planning the goodbyes to John were quick. The flight was uneventful and long for Zach, who had to be in a suit the whole time, and couldn't listen to music or watch TV. This was especially painful because being frequent fliers he definitely has a routine. Upon arrival in Salt Lake we rented a car and drove the hour to Provo. We had enough time for a quick lunch and a few pictures, then it was drop off time. This is every mom's worst nightmare, because it was a quick drop at the curb. A few tears were shed (on my part), and then he entered the building, all smiles. After a quick mini-meltdown I drove up to Idaho to pick up Meaghan, Zach's older sister at BYU-Idaho. Unfortunately, they missed each other by a couple of days, due to Meaghan's finals, I know she was heartbroken.
Zach and John at the airport
Me and Zach, our last picture in Cincinnati.


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