Monday, September 6, 2010

Email - August 31, 2010 - Just Another Week In Cali!

Dear Family and Friends,

I did receive the package from you on Friday, then the letter about the package on Saturday!

Well, to answer some questions:  No one else in the mission has trucks except for us, why, I don't know, I don't usually drive because I'm the Junior Companion, but I did drive this last week and I'll tell you why later.  The bike is fine I actually just rode it this last week and it wasn't too pretty, but I'll tell you more later; for now it  sits in our apartment and collects dust.  Although Dave (a member that lives in our apartment complex) says it is one of the best bikes out there and was shocked when he found out on what a great deal you got on it. 

I have a great companion and really good roommates.  Everyone treats me well and we all get along.

We are continuing to teach 3 people who have baptismal dates.  But all three are having difficult times, Matt (one of the people we are teaching) just lost two of his best friends in a car accident last week.  So it has been extremely difficult for him.  There are other people/families that we are teaching about eight at this time.

So, I guess I'll tell you a little about last week.  It was exchanges most of the week, which means I go to another area while Elder Potter inspects how the District Leaders are doing.  So  on Tuesday I went to Highlands with the Spanish Speaking Elders, which is where I got to drive.  I was totally lost because I know ZERO Spanish.  Then I got back Tuesday (all exchanges are 24 hours) and spent about 15 minutes with Elder Potter before going out with the AP's, which was the coolest experience ever!  Then I got back on Thursday and went on my bike with Elder Stevens.  I did crash, but I'm alright, (don't worry mom) I'm FINE!   Since, I just learned recently to ride and haven't been on a bike in over a month,  well, you get the picture!   So it's been a crazy and hectic week but everythings been good.  I'll write again next Monday. 

I love you all and keep you in my prayers.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

PS  Tell the young meand and women to look in the mail!

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