Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter - August 10, 2010

Dear Family,

I feel impressed to tell you this story of my mission.  On my first day here in Redlands, Elder Potter and I went tracking.  I felt totally awkward walking up to doors and saying "Hi we're missionaries from the church" usually its as far as I would get before becoming totally nervous and freaking out.  Elder Potter, being totally amazing took me this door to show me something.  Elder Potter knocked on the door and a little old lady answered, looked at us and told us to come in.  Then we met Sister Knapp, a lady probably in her forties, she welcomed us and gave us water, then hearing that I was new wanted to know my life story, so I told it.  Then Elder Potter looked at her and calmly said "Elder Daniel has been having a tough day,"  Sister Knapp immediately caller her daughter Carol Joy.

Carol Joy at first glance isn't pretty.  She can barley even stand.  Half of her face is totally paralized.  When she ws twelve she had a brain tumor.  The Knapp Family fought and prayed for their daughter.  Carol Joy was a beam of sunshine always happy always smiling, whenever she was in the room you could feel the spirit.  After our conversation Elder Potter looked at me and I said wow.  He then asked me what is so special about Carol Joy.  I told him of how strongly the spirit is with her.  Then he looked at me and said.  "Elder Daniel I can feel that same spirit with you.  The Lord is with you don't EVER forget that.  Fear no man!"

Last Wednesday, Carol Joy had a seizure.  She died on Friday.  Fast Sunday was basically a memorial for her.  It was a very special Fast Sunday.



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