Monday, September 20, 2010

Later than Usual! Email September 13, 2010

Dear Family,
I'm sorry my letter is a little later than usual, Elder Potter is leaving next transfer and his parents won't be able to pick him up, so President Reeves gave him a present, his Aunt and Uncle got to take him out today so I also got to go.  You will never believe what we did. WE WENT GOLFING!!! I wish John had taken me before, because the first 9 holes I looked like a total dweeb,  after a while I kinda got the hang of it. We went to a place called Oak Quarry its completely on a cliff, its a very beautiful course.  I golfed a 113 I don't know how good that is, but Elder Potter was a little impressed.
Yesterday was probably one of the best days of my mission so far, after church we went to dinner at a families house who just blessed there baby last Sunday, so they had a huge party.   Our Ward Mission Leader Spoke in church, it was one of my favorite topics. The Divine Call Of A Missionary. He ended up talking about how all calls are from the Lords inspiration. (I love Brother Funk). After our meal  we felt inspired to see a few people. The one person I will tell you about is Michelle. We tracked into her about three weeks ago. The first time we were there she told us to come by another time, not expecting us to return (most don't, but we always do) when we returned the next week, her  father-in-law had died and she was going to Hawaii with her husband to attend the funeral. We would not leave it at that though, so we returned the next week and she was just admitted to the hospital so we couldn't see her again. While walking away I turned to Elder Potter and said "the Adversary sure is busy with this one" Elder potter looked at me and called me a dork. (LOL!)  So yesterday we went knocking again. Michelle's husband opened the door and asked us if we were looking for her, we said yes and he replied let me go get her (this has never happened to either me or Elder Potter throughout our mission) she invited us in and asked "why do you keep coming over?" and we replied, "Michelle we have a short message for you about our Savior " we spent the next hour going over the Plan of Salvation and the Roles of Women in our church. I gave the closing Prayer in it I  asked for the Spirit to be with her and after she looked at me with tears flowing down her face and asked "Can the dead communicate with us after they have died?" and I said yes. she smiled and took us outside to see these beautiful flowers, only which two or three had bloomed and she told us she had these flowers for almost twelve years, and the first ones bloomed the day her father-in-law died.   She then stopped and said this is weird, another two have bloomed, I looked at her and said "Michelle your father-in-law is sending you a message, We are messengers of our Lord, Jesus Christ and we have the truth" we have an appointment scheduled for next Sunday.
Family, Friends all others whom might hear this story the Lord communicates in different ways, never ever see something and expect the Lord not to have his hand in it. I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior,  He suffered ,bled ,and died for us. Never will I forget that because I know, because of the Atonement I can live with my family again.
With much love,

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