Sunday, November 21, 2010

JULIE Email - November 15, 2010

Dear Family and friends,
Another great week in California!! I now have to be a better writer since I have a wonderful step-father that wants me to get to college. I also attached some photos of families we are teaching and our baptism we just had.
Well to answer some questions, when we call on Christmas we do it at a members home, and we only get an hour, but President is giving me two one for you, mom and one for dad. I haven't decided if I'm going to call him. since I have received no email or any other correspondence from him.
Next, I did get a pair of new shoes they were not that expensive just something for church. I'm still using my others for work. We had our Primary Program it was alright. The weather here is unlike anything I ever remember, its mild throughout the days, mid 80's (never thought that would be a MILD day) then at night it drops to the 50's, which is freezing on bike. Speaking of bikes I have some bad news. My bike is, at the moment, not working. We went and bought parts for it last week because something was not 100% (the pedals) so after putting it back together we stripped the pedal and I need a whole new part which won't be fixed till tomorrow, but I am fine and it should only cost 20 bucks, thanks for the cash John.
Now to tell you a little bit about my week. I did have a baptism on Sunday, but like Elder Fly likes to say "something has to wrong."   Julie (one who was baptized) had been living with a Less-Active Member named Aaron who at the time was getting the lessons by us. Well, Aaron was abusing Julie and taking drugs and Julie had been excepting it all the time, but with the realization of the trueness of the Gospel, Julie started to change. She stopped drinking, smoking, and even cursing. She realized who she was, a daughter of our Heavenly Father. She even called the police on Aaron (no one saw that coming) the day Aaron was arrested we were there ( a wrong time wrong place thing or maybe Heavenly Father wanted us there thing) it took 4 cops to put him in the car the whole time he was yelling about how he was going to cut her throat and ours. Luckily he wasn't to smart saying this because now it was a death threat and he won't be out of prison until I'm safely home in Kentucky. Although, when Aaron was being carried off Julie looked at us and asked, what day worked best for us to "Dunk her in the big Bath tub" that day was Sunday. We had to really advocate and talk to a lot of people to get her baptized, even our own Ward Mission Leader. Although, I won't say anything bad about him.
Sadly, I don't know what else to write I'm doing great here in California. Elder Fly and I are changing the way we do missionary work so it will be another stressful week, but I think I'll save that for next week. Hope all is good back in Kentucky, it is here.
With All My Love,
Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S.  Find something wrong with this one. I dare you, John!!

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