Monday, November 29, 2010

RAIN E-Mail November 22, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
We have entered into the holiday season and how grateful am I. Well, for those of you who are wondering, yes, I will be fed this Thanksgiving and we have three dinners planned. So pray I don't get too fat. I am sorry to hear that it's going to be freezing in South Dakota, but if it makes you feel better;  it was in the sixties yesterday and the mountains are starting to get snow. It's weird how the weather here in California works. During the Summer when its in the 90's to 110's your praying for the rain and what do you get nothing, but when it's in the 60's to 70's and your praying for some heat (because you get adjusted to the weather) it rains!! 
Out of all the days in the mission I think this day was the hardest. So, let me tell you what happened. Well, lets start how it always starts at 6:30 are alarms starts blasting off. Yes, I said alarms we need multiple ones or we won't get up. So, I roll out of bed and groggily say my morning prayers then start working out for 30 minutes. During my 30 minutes of exercises I found myself where I normally do laying on the ground moaning for lack of sleep (I would be complaining, but I'm just to tired to even do that!!) then I heard what can be best described as millions of rats scraping the roof. I seriously couldn't figure out what it was so I turned over to my companion who was in the same position as I and I asked what was the sound. Then I was shocked that his reply, which I might add was full of laughter, that it was RAIN!!   So I looked at Elder Fly and asked if we were still going out and he said yes; then I asked if we were going on our bikes, and he said yes, then I wanted to chuck my planner at his head, but thought that might not be the smartest idea and our companionship unity would take a crippling blow. Well, everything worked out well. No one died or received a bruised head from a planner.You wouldn't believe how bad it was. I was so soaked, that not even our rain gear protected us.  It wasn't just raining and cold, the wind was also blowing. Well, with that I think I will close this e-mail. I am so thankful for all the prayers of safety and comfort; they really do work. I do love you all and miss you very much.  I hope all is well and I will actually talk to you soon. Only about a month until Christmas!!
Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S. John One, Elder Daniel Zero, but I am pretty sure I have this one in the bag.

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