Sunday, October 17, 2010

ANOTHER HOLIDAY! Tuesday - October 12, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was yet another great week in Cali., although the temperature has decided to jump back up to the 90s.   Bike riding isn't the most fun at that temperature. Yes, John, I have named my bike, he is Eddie and since I will most likely be riding him till Christmas we have become pretty good friends. The investigator pool is not the largest in our area, but I'm glad to say that I love all of our investigators. Yesterday I had one of the best apple pies  I can remember aww it was good!!!
I did receive all the seminary letters last week, it may have even been 2 weeks ago, I cannot remember time is different when your serving the Lord. I feel bad as I have not yet written back on all of them. Last Friday we had a multi-zone which was really cool, it's when two of the zones get together and hear from the APs then from the Mission President and his Wife. They also have a missionary give an impromptu 5 minute talk, guess who did that. If you guessed me you guessed right. I'll tell the story to the best of my ability.
I was sitting next to Elder Fly when I heard my name called to do the talk and to make things worse I was drinking water and spit it every where in surprise.  I looked around hoping for another Elder Daniel and not seeing one looked at President Reeves and cautiously pointed at myself, after which he gave a nod and a wink. So I got up and immediately started fumbling  all over the place, and then decided to take a deep breath and say a little prayer, after which I decided to let the Lord direct me, sadly I wish I could type more but I'm going to be late to an appointment. Sorry!   I love you all.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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