Sunday, October 3, 2010

Me, My Bike and FLY! Email: Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
As most of you, if not all know, last week I was transferred to a new area.  I'm still living in the same apartment I'm just covering the South Side of Redlands. If you somehow by some grapevine heard that that's the Ghetto you are absolutely right!! Don't be scared the Lord protects us and we have fun. We also have nice homes too. I do now ride my bike and I have understood the power of prayer I have not yet crashed and have gone further than  I have ever imagined.  I'm not the fastest, but that's OK for now, everyday we push ourselves further.
The most difficult thing about being in a new ward is that the members are not totally missionary minded and it's difficult to get them that way. For some more interesting news: one of the missionaries was badly hurt last week. A Spanish Elder last week was at the University by our apartments.  He told some college kids if he did a back flip they had to be baptized,  I wasn't there when it happened, if I was I would've told him it was a bad idea. Well he did the back flip off a wall and pretty much landed it until one of his feet slipped his head landed on the concrete he broke his jaw in 3 places and shattered four teeth.   We got a phone call that morning that he was hurt, so we rode over there (on our bikes) and saw him spitting out teeth all over the pavement it wasn't a pretty sight. The Elder has surgery in 2 weeks and is staying on his mission, but we all had a meeting with the President about responsibility. The Elder has his mouth wired shut for the next two weeks. This shows me that the lord won't protect you when you decide to do something stupid.
I know you are probably antsy to hear about Elder Fly. Well, he's a real quiet guy who is really spiritual and funny.  We are having a pretty good companionship right now. Sister Hall took pics of us and said she would send them to you but I might have given her the wrong email now that I think of it, but I'll talk to her because I know you'll want it.
We also had Mission Conference this last Friday.   We heard from Elder Ringwood of the Seventy it was really good, later I'll tell you something he said in his talk that really inspired me. He did answer the question of the difference between faith and hope, again it surprised me that it was exactly what Elder Christofferson said when he answered it. He also gave us a great missionary scripture its on my favorite list its 2 Timothy 2:4. I think this is the scripture... I don't have my scriptures with me at the moment.
In 1st Nephi,Chapter 1 Lehi prays to find an answer. While praying he sees a vision. In this vision he sees Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. They give him a book, and he takes what he learns from this book and preaches to the people. Because they don't like his teachings they mock him even try to kill him.
Heavenly Father 
Jesus Christ
Who's life is it that parallels this list besides Lehi. If you guessed Joseph Smith your right. But, it also parallels us we each have prayed to know the Church is true and although we might not have had a vision we have learned it is true. We all have Faith that there is a God and He sent His Son for each one of us. Because of this Testimony we also know the Book of Mormon to be true . We all need to help preach and spread the gospel to the best of our ability and we will be mocked.  I see it everyday and some will get so furious that the will want to hurt or even kill you, but  DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!!  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will always be there. I leave this email with my solemn testimony that I know this is True, Joseph Smith did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ he was given the power to restore His church, and I know he sealed His testimony with his blood in the name of our loving Spiritual brother Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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