Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not Lost Anymore Email - October 4, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
All is well here in Cali. Yes, the weather is hot, yes I am huffing and puffing on my bike.  People are receptive, they ask me if I know why they're  here and  where they are going;  and I think to myself, I know that one!! I still have not fallen yet, and hope to never do so,  even though I know its more than likely  (my skill level is increasing daily)!  I am safe and well!!
First I would like to say, mom can you  send me my mountain dew hat, I need one pretty bad and that's my favorite.  Plus today we got to go to the temple and take a tour of it and see parts and rooms that no one knows about it was sweet!!!
Now I feel impressed to tell you a story that happened almost 3 weeks ago. It was a time in my mission where I was feeling lost.  I didn't feel as if I was proggressing the way I had wanted. At that same time we were working with a lady named Jackie. She had also felt lost. She had those questions I mentioned earlier and she couldn't quit smoking, nothing would help;  fast, prayer, even recovery programs that the church offers.   Elder Potter and I didnt know what to do. We cannot baptize someone who's breaking the commandments, but we knew we would loose her if we didnt. All this stress and worry didn't help me out at all, things seemed to just get worse and I more lost. Eventually, we seeked our Mission Presidents guidance about Jackie, yet I didnt feel it was right to confront him with my issue. Jackie was intervewed by one of the Mission Presidents Counselor and even permitted to baptism as long as she didnt smoke that day. As the day arrived,  I became more and more stressed falling deeper into despair. Finally, Jackie's day arrived and the font was full, people piled into the building.  As I stood outside the font, as a witness, as I had done with others; Elder Potter walked into the water gave me a wink and a smile and then Jackie walked into the waters.  Watching her be baptized was amazing, the spirit filled the room. As she came out of the water I nodded as I was supposed to saying all was good. Immediately she hugged Elder Potter, whispered something in his ear and than unexpectenly ran and hugged me (neither hug is allowed by mission rules) and then wispered in my ear "thank you Elder, I'm found, I'm not lost anymore" then she turned and walked away, went and changed;  while leaving me in front of all the members.  I could feel the warm tears roll down my face and all I could say was neither am I. 
Whenever  I feel down and depressed about the work like "why does nobody wish to talk to me?"  I think back to Jackie, This is why I do this, I  bring People closer to Christ, it should be the goal for all. Lucifer stated it "not one shall be lost" sadly some shall be, but we should all strive to do our best, someone near us or even with us NEEDS the Gospel. It shall strengthen you just as much as them. I love and miss you, but in reality two  years is a lot shorter than an Eternity.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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