Monday, December 6, 2010

The Father, the son and the sons friend! An Email - Dec. 6, 2010

Dear Family,
You may be wondering. Is that snow?? Well it is. As a zone we decided to go up to the mountains and have a snowball fight, (don't worry mom we stayed dry). We actually have two Elders who have never seen snow before and they were amazed. To me it was just snow.
So this week I thought I'd leave you with a different message, not a story of my own, but one I found I thought you might like.
It begins:
" After the usual ward business the Bishop slowly stood up and walked to the pulpit and briefly introduced a guest who was in the congregation that day.  In the introduction the Bishop told the congregation the old man was an old childhood friend and he was to share a great story with them. The old man arose and took his place at the pulpit. He cleared his throat and began. "Once there was a man, his son, and his son's friend. They decided to go for a boat ride one clear day in the Atlantic.  After only a few hours the weather immediatly changed and the storm washed in.  The father who was an experienced boater knew there was nothing he could do. Soon the waves overtook the boat and it was capsized.  The Father swam his hardest back to the capsized boat and finding a rope began to ponder what to do. The Father realized he could not throw the rope to both young men, he had to make a crucial decision. The Father knew his son had a knowledge of the Gospel and one day would step into an eternal family. The friend did not. So the Father cried out with a loud voice, "I love you son", and threw the rope to the sons' friend. The son was never found. Our Father in heaven has done the same for us; He gave His Only Beggotten Son to throw us the rope.  Will you take it? " 
With that, the man walked off the pulpit and returned to his seat. After the meeting two young boys approached the man and said that was an excellent story, but  I don't think that it's very realistic.  The old man smiled gently and replied; " It might not be,  but you see I was the father and your Bishop was my sons friend."
I thought I'd leave you this so we can remember the gift Heavenly Father has given each of us this holiday season The Atonement.

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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