Friday, December 31, 2010

Short Email December 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
It was amazing to talk to my family, to those of you who don't know yet I will be getting a new companion today,only after being here for two weeks. So I'm a little nervous, but it will all be good. He's a mini- missionary from here in Cali and will be with me for four weeks.  President Reeves said it would be tough but he has faith in me. sometimes I think he has more faith in me than I do. Well there isn't much else to say as I just talked to my family two days ago.  I'll leave with all my love and many thoughts and prayers for all.

Elder Zachary David Daniel
PS Sent a few pics!

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  1. Published the pics.... but not all of them would post. Zach had several pics of families and baptism's.. hopefully I will be able to post them at a later time!