Friday, February 3, 2012

One Hard Week! E-mail January 23, 2012

As the subject said its been one difficult week. My companions bike broke.  It started to rain and we had two crazy days!
On Friday we received a call that a lady needed help moving. We put on our service clothes ( I  was wearing shorts again in the rain, I'm buying jeans today)  and we started moving at 9 in the morning and ended about 3:30 in the afternoon. It was one of the hardest moves I ever have done in my life. We moved desks that were almost 500 lbs and a china cabinet that was 9 ft tall. It took so much out of Elder Williams and I. The lady was going through a messy divorce and lost the house. She moved into a mobile home. It was a difficult thing for her but she felt close as the army of missionaries ( 8 elders, 1 bishop) moved this lady out of her house.
Tired and weary, the next day we went back to work we tracted for almost 9 hours that day and only took a lunch and dinner break. During our walk to lunch, we ran into an interesting person, as we were walking to Wendy's (thanks to mom)  and on our way we were talking to people, when my comp talked to a crazy person and she followed us to Wendy's it was super weird, but afterwords we lost her. 
Well, my time is up. I love you and I'll talk to you  soon. 

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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