Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12 DAYS!!! E-mail - February 27, 2012

It may seem weird, but I promise it will make sense soon...very soon...
So, as you may know or may not know,  I have been out 19 months and that means I only have 5 left now. This wouldn't be that bad if everyone in the world would stop reminding me... A lady in our ward has a son who will come back one week before me... so every time I see her it's like she has the countdown memorized!!  I've tried to ignore her, but every Sunday she walks in and says; 148 days left, and I'm like please don't remind me...!
Plus, March Madness is coming up and everyone is depressed because it seems BYU didn't do so hot this year.. I keep telling them to just vote for Kentucky but nobody listens!  When they win I'm going to laugh...
I bet you are all wondering what this has to do with 12 days.... well absolutely nothing... about a week ago the Sisters gave us a referral named Nancy... Nancy is in her fifties  and is super hilarious she's from New York and she lets you know it... She has started calling me her new  grandson (sorry Grandma... I still love you!) and last week she asked me to baptize her!!! So the Sisters who had given her to us had a baptism, and they invited Nancy. Well, she woke up sick and the Sisters told us, I looked at Elder Kozub and said we're going over to Nancy's.  She is going to that baptism,  even if I have to give her a ride on my bike!!!!  We went over and gave her a blessing, and her granddaughter ( named Tuesday) and her daughter (Melody) and then we did service.   At  the end we stood there and I asked Nancy if she was going and she looked at me and said I would love to but I can't... immediately without thinking I promised her if she would go she wouldn't just be spiritually uplifted, but also physically uplifted... to say the least, I went home crying, because I had no idea how  I could have promised her this. I was super upset at myself, but we began the bike ride to the church in our suits and not even half way there my bike brakes went out.  I looked at my watch and knew  if we started walking we would never make it.  So, I started to run and then I jumped on my bike and started coasting every so often dropping my leg and pushing against the ground to keep going... Now I know that mom is looking at this email, freaking out, but this was important, Nancy needed us  to be there.  I wouldn't stop!  My companion at this point was in total shock that I cared this much!!! But I didn't stop and we made it right in time, to every ones utter shock. Right after the person was baptized, Nancy looked at me and said 14 days  Daniel!! Now in only 12 days,  Nancy is going to be baptized and be clean again.
Nothing in my short existence of 20 years could have prepared me for this 19 months . I am so honored to be a Missionary; to wake up every morning and put the name badge on. I know  that Jesus is the Christ. He has restored His priesthood to  the Earth through a Prophet, not because He needed to, but because He loved us enough to do it.
He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it!
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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