Friday, February 17, 2012

E-mail -- February 13, 2012

Well, it has been an interesting week!
I have all my DL duties back, which is kinda stressful, especially with sisters. It's not that they are bad, it's just when there's a problem I'm not so sure on how helpful I can be without getting too involved. Our handbook says not to council with the sisters so its difficult finding my boundaries. 
My new companion is a alright, we are doing our best to stick together and not get to out of sinc.   His sense of humor, i.e. his joke are horrible,  they are worse than Johns. It's that bad!!!  Received an interesting email from one Joshua King. It didn't really say much, but it was weird, I have no idea who he is and he told me I don't know who he is!  Now I really want to know who he is!! I think I'm going to talk to Pres about it.
My Comp was sick for two days. So it was tough doing work. It seems that all my Comps get sick lately. Mom I never told you that I'm really thankful you wrote down my setting apart. It has helped a lot to read through.
Well to answer some of Meaghan's questions we do go to Ward Council and yes its frustrating... we usually argue about the WMP and someone gets mad but we really try not to get to involved in those meetings, we just tell them what we did this week and sit there and listen to the problems in the Ward. I can only remember once were they actually asked me on a suggestion to help with the young men and that's only because the young men in that ward loved us. Hows your DDMs out there? Is your District Leader as awesome as me?? Don't give the guy a hard time though he does a lot... trust me I know...
Virginia sounds nice, but I do say I love Cali. I'm starting to like Mexican food (not beans) and I think I've got surfer lingo down. Its strange you think of So Cal and I can promise you would never imagine this... more people hang Mexican flags than the do American. Everyone here always talks about prop 8 and if someone got offended in church, 90% of the time it was because of prop 8. No other place probably in the world can you go door to door and people yell at you WERE GAY AND WE LIKE IT THAT WAY!!! It's really quite heartbreaking last Sunday a women bore her testimony about how her brother was gay and no one could accept him and it tore her apart. Sometimes you feel like a guidance counselor rather than a missionary. But the weather is nice and the people are usually friendly and the wards love us. What's more to ask we find, teach, and baptize the Lords elect. God blesses us and that's all we need to do to go day by day week by week month by month all year round.  --
Elder Zachary David Daniel
P.S. This is important I will not email until Wednesday.
P.P.S. love you

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