Friday, February 3, 2012

ALOHA!!!!‏ E-mail - January 30, 2012

Isn't John from Cali????  Saying "Aloha"  happens almost on a monthly basis, it's an "islander" thing.  It's pretty funny though, because we had a recent convert in our ward named Ben and he always does it, but he's from Mexico.
Well, it was an interesting week for me.  They tented the house we were living in, and I am now living with the Span-ams. At first I was kind of upset, cause I don't speak any Spanish.  I kinda wished Meaghan was here because I was soooo lost. But I have a crazy story. We went to our last appointment together on Thursday night and to tell the truth I  was starting to loose my mind . I knew I  was going into another lesson and I  wasn't going to do anything but my goal was to do my best and stay awake!!! So I sat and listened as the Spanish Elders started to teach and as usual I had no idea what was going on... then out of nowhere the spirit touched me and told me to testify. I totally didn't want to, how embarrassing would it be if I testified to them in a language they don't know, but the spirit compelled me. Fighting back tears I began to testify to these people, I didn't miraculously speak in Spanish, but I learned that the Spirit has its own language and as I concluded my own testimony the Spirit hit me and confirmed that they understood my testimony.  The father of the family we were sharing the message with looked at me smiled and said "Gracia's" although I  may not like it, I  had to face reality that night. I'm not the teacher, that is not my job. I'm the conduit by which the Holy Ghost is meant to teach by. I could sit here and tell everything I know about the gospel, but if the Spirit is not there the person will receive nothing to progress.
I finally sent pictures of pants, mom, if you want more just ask. Also sent pics of the tented house and Elder Williams. Transfers are coming at the end of the week and Williams thinks he's going,  but we will see. Highland has been great, we are going to play softball today at 2 and I'm totally excited. I  haven't played softball since Menifee so it should be exciting.  I will tell you how it goes next week.  I'm planning on writing Megs today so expect a letter. Sadly it will not be in Ukrainian, I'm not that awesome!
Well,  I'll let you go. Staying safe!
 Much Love,

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