Friday, February 3, 2012

Not Enough Info.....!!! E-mail January 17, 2012

So, it seems that I have not been putting enough info in my emails. OK... first off, I understand about not wanting a new dog. It's difficult seeing as Jack is now in doggy heaven, but having a cool awesome German Shepard around makes life better, plus Charlie is a grouch!!! I do understand and I can't wait to go doggy shopping with John!!!
I woke up at 6:30 and as usual hit my head on the fan!!! What a wake up. The place I live: we call the man cave, has a bunk bed, two desks, a fridge, two small dressers and a microwave/toaster oven all in a room smaller than mine back home!!! Imagine that! My comp (Elder Williams) is a pretty good guy. He's from Texas, Arlington, and has like 7 brothers and sisters.
We haven't really been riding our bikes seeing as Williams' is out of commission. He just started feeling better after 12 days, but then his bike broke. So we are hoofin it. It's weird having only six months left, everybody brings it up.  I  just looked at the ward directory and I don't know anyone any more so sad.
It's tough to hear about Meaghan, but it happens a lot. We get Elders going to Mexico in our mission all the time and it stinks, but there's a reason for it. At the beginning of my mission there was an Elder named Elder Lamb and he baptised 6 people before he went to Mexico and even later saw them there. We may not know why the Lord sends us certain places, but I can promise you, Meaghan ,YOU ARE NEEDED THERE!!!!! Many times I ask why California? I would have loved to go to a foreign country, but I was needed here in Riverside Ca. Why? Chris and Robin Beltoe, Marcus Welch, Jackie Raney, Ryan Gaines, Julie Lunsford, the Mann brothers, Kevin Smith, Angel Diemer, the Clark boys, John Buzo, and Nelly Salerno. I don't list them to brag but I thank my Heavenly Father for every moment I spent with those 14 people.  They have changed my life just as much as I have theirs. If there is only one thing I learn my entire mission  is that I am grateful for this.  That God knows us perfectly!! He takes our talents, our goals, our motivations and matches us, maybe even handpicks us for a certain person. When you are placed in a certain area or with a certain missionary it's not your mission president that places you there, it's God.  In all His infinite wisdom, He knows who we are and what we can do. These 18 months are going to be difficult!!! You're going to work harder faster and longer than ever before, but you will be so grateful because when your head hits your pillow every night you will be exhausted and you will be sooo grateful for it because you know you worked your hardest, you put in 110% and that's what God wants. " Therefore ye that are called to serve God see that ye serve Him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, that ye may stand blameless before Him at the last day." 
I love you all! I wish you well, I'll start the applications, and may Jack rest in peace!!!
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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