Monday, October 10, 2011

Transferes - - - A NEW DL! Email - October 3, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

So as my subject states this weekend was transfers.  It was crazy!  Along with  going  to  Conference.    Neither me or my comp are being transferred which is kinda sad,  but I'll deal. Well, we have a new District Leader here and its sweet because I already know who he is! What's weird is that you know who he is too! Any guesses? Well, if you guessed me your right! It's going to be a really interesting transfer me being a District Leader.

 About John's e-mail,  I really enjoyed it. I got a lot from it, it's interesting how you meet certain people in life and what their outcome is. For example:  I am having some issues here, but it has taught me the value of getting on your knees and talking to the Lord about it. Sometimes we think of prayer as just telling God all of our Problems. It shouldn't  be that way.  We should talk to him about everything; the good and the bad.  A little while ago I was challenged to do thank you prayers by a member. Instead of asking for anything, you only thank God for what he has given you.  Me and an old companion did this for every prayer we said together. Instead of asking for the Spirit we thanked God for allowing us to have His Spirit as we worked worthily toward his goal.
We have a Zone goal of 28 baptisms this month and when I heard that I almost fainted.  That's 3.5 baptisms per companionship.  I was like that's impossible!  But now as I look at it, it seems more than possible. We have on date for baptism. John and Merrie, people were going to put on date for this month are: Tony and a pregnant woman. There's our 3.5. When we set righteous goals and show the means by how were going to do it, the Lord will help us accomplish it.
The brother of Jared did not just ask God to give him light. He went and thought of a way that it was possible Then  he asked the Lord for His help in accomplishing the task. So what happens? The brother of Jarred's request is not just fulfilled,  but he actually sees Jehovah/ Jesus Christ.  How amazing is his faith. We all need to set righteous goals, then ask God in faith to help us accomplish the task.  We have  a solution and through our faith He will help us receive that righteous desire.
I know that God lives! What an amazing statement that is! His Son, Jesus Christ, payed the penalty for our sins, because he loves us. Thomas S. Monson is the  Prophet on the earth today and he holds Gods power and has spoken to us for our times.  I know that the Heavens are open,  God speaks; He will answer your prayers.  He will tell you the truth.  With all the love I muster I hope that everyone will read the Book of Mormon and come to know these things and know of their truthfulness.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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