Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Whole Year! E-mail July 17, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,
Well mom, sorry I don't know my address right off hand but I will get it to you next Monday. So it's been quite an interesting week I now cover two wards Palm Desert and Park View Wards we have a 2010 Toyota Corolla and my comp is from Canada. As you might have guessed the word "eh" is used a lot in our companionship, he says it a lot!!!!  But he is a great companion.
I think we may need to say it's not quite as hot where you are at, compared to here,  because it is on average 115 degrees here. That's hot!!! Well it seems strange to look back and realize its been a year. I think back and it doesn't seem that long at all. I have recently been placed in the old guys list and it's weird knowing that I am pretty prepared now I'm not excellent with being a missionary but I am at least decent now.
So this week has been interesting and to top it all off we had an angry Stake President all over us. Let me tell you what I mean.  On Tuesday we received a call from Elder Alexander (our DL) saying that the Stake President wanted him to teach one of his friends and not us, because the Elder here before me did a horrible job and Alexander told the Stake President that I was here now so she (the investigator) was in good hands. Which kinda embarrassed me. I don't have that much faith in me, so I don't know why he does. So the Stake President did not enjoy that answer too much; so he decided to call President Smart and ask him and President Smart said the same thing (yet again I don't know where they get their faith) well Sunday came by and the Stake Presidents wife called to set us up on an appointment with the lady so we could teach her. We got there  and taught an amazing lesson; the Spirit filled the room and guided us to teach her the things she needed. BAM!!!! Faith Works!
It has been a tough year, there were lots of happy times and a lot of sad, but this experience has taught me so much about myself, I would wish everyone could do this. I am excited for the year I have left with all the trials and the blessings to come, as Nephi once said "I will GO AND DO the things which the Lord has COMMANDED for I know the Lord GIVES NO COMMANDMENT which MAN CANNOT FULFILL!" Tribulation bringeth blessing and we will continue till victory rages and the foes are defeated we are all missionaries, all members of Gods Army , and we will bring forth the truth to the entire world. And we will do it Boldly, nobly, and independent! whether it be here in California, or there in Kentucky, or even Kiev, Ukraine (congrats Meaghan!!!!!!)  as Yoda once said may the force be with you (that force is the spirit!!!) I love you all.  I miss you all and I'll see you in a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Zachary David Daniel

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