Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Blessing A Prophet‏ E-mail July 25, 2011

Well another week has gone by and what a wonderfully boring week. On Tuesday night my companion received a very bad case of the stomach flu and it wasn't pretty, at about 2 in the morning he woke me up drenched in his own vomit (I was trying to stay awake with him but I failed epically) and he asked me for a blessing. What a neat experience that was (probably not for him) he was so scared the only thing he wanted was to get a blessing; the hospital was not even an option until after the blessing. Elder McKee wasn't healed automatically, he didn't even sleep that night, but he knew that someone who held the Lord's Priesthood had just laid his hands upon his head and that same God loves him very much.  He knows him even to the point that when I laid my hands upon his head they were His words; not mine, He told Elder McKee not to fear that He loved him not me.
It's interesting to tell people we have a Prophet on the Earth today and that he speaks for God. Even we sometimes wonder how is that possible. The blessing the other night showed me how it is. How the Lord through the Holy Ghost leads and Directs us. Sometimes I feel lost about what to do, concerned I've done something horribly wrong, when in fact as long as I stay worthy of the Spirit it will guide me.
We began teaching a new investigator last week, his name is Chris Mattson. His wife so dearly wants him to be baptized, but does he want it?  He knows what he'll have to give up. Family, money, and his alcohol. Why in the Earth would he want to do that, why would the Lord ask for so much? Here's a better question: Why wouldn't He? He loves us. He makes commandments for us to learn and grow. If it wasn't this way, what would we learn, how would we ever believe that we could possibly do enough.
I send my love, I'm sorry mom, I received the address but left it at the house. Sorry. You will also miss my talk in church this upcoming Sunday -  On how we gain and keep a Testimony. Also, I have a baptism that day wow will my day be packed!!!
I love you!!

Elder Zachary David Daniel

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