Monday, January 31, 2011

Saving Those Doomed To Destruction‏ Email - January 31, 2011

Hello Friends and Family,
 I've had another interesting week. As most of you know, last Saturday I got the "Call" to be a Trainer. With all the excitement from family and all the helpful advice over the past few weeks, I still found myself being a little overwhelmed.  President gave an amazing talk at the Training Meeting on Wednesday which I have entitled "Angels Lift Us Up!" It was about when we stay obedient, we will always be ministered  to by angels. The atmosphere in the room was crazy and the spirit was so strong there wasn't a dry eye in the place.
Well, you are probably wondering what the new guy is like.  His name is Elder Sommers, from Ririe, Idaho. Yes, that's near Rexburg, Megs.  He has three sisters and one brother. It was quite weird to look at him and work with him, because he reminds me so much of me when I was "green" and it shows me how much I have changed in the last six months. We are both doing fine and working hard.
In other news, we had a visit from a General Authority. Patrick Kearon, he spoke at Gen. Conf. about the scorpion stinging his foot. Our meeting was totally sweet and I got a lot out of it.  Just to share a few things: I first learned that he described missionaries as people who intervene on peoples lives doomed to destruction. He also spoke on the spirit of conversion, and how, even though, as Elders we have the spirit we can never convert someone fully without the spirit. Which was sweet. The biggest thing I learned though, is we are the most corrupt  when we are idle. When we sit back and do nothing, that is when Satan has us. We need to always be bettering ourselves.  If not, we are lost. I heard a great explanation of this by a baptist (anyone can see this, not just members).  He said, look at life like a football game;  the score is tied,  you have the ball and you are on the goal line. What's the defense going to do?  Throw everything at you. That is our life right now. Satan is the defence and he's scared because we have him on the line. Satan is going to throw everything at us!!  If we stand idly by he's going to get us at the legs and take us out.  We need to push back with everything we have, and score that final touchdown!
I send you all my love and my prayers.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

P.S.  Meaghan you will never know what I do til you serve!!!  :}

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