Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sacrifices E-mail - February 28, 2011

Been a busy week, but we have done a lot of work.  A couple of weeks ago we tried to start A Book of Mormon study class; so far we have 2 members going. The work seems to be falling apart, we have entered into a stage where people aren't progressing. They read but they don't pray, or they pray but they don't go to church.  Sometimes it's hard just trying to find people to teach.
We have a new investigator her name is Mikayla, shes like 17,  her Grandmother that she lives with is a recent Convert so she has started taking the lessons.  She's my ray of sunlight, hopefully she'll get baptized and the work will really grow.
We had a fairly interesting thing happen in one aspect. We have this investigator named Martha and she is having trouble because she knows that if she's baptized she will be disowned.  We gave her Enos to read and after reading it we asked what she got out of it. She told us she thought it was talking about sacrifices. So we all bore our Testimonies about sacrificing things for the gospel.
I wrote a letter to Meaghan this last week about that same thing. The next day however, Elder Sommers and I went to the funeral of a still born baby and we watched as a family sat there and talked about their family and  how they knew they would see each other again. To hear a story from a sister who wasn't a member and hear her love for a sister to sacrifice so much. That mother however wasn't crying wasn't shouting or yelling she wasn't mad at the world or even at God who "took her child from her". She was smiling  and she was joyous and happy and you may even say excited for she knew that she would see that child again; get to hold him and hug him and get to know him.
Family and friends, I will leave my email with this, that I know that we will have to make sacrifices in this world, but those sacrifices will enable us, and humble us so that we can live with our families through the Eternities.
Elder Zachary David Daniel

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